04 July 2005

'tsuMAWI' mania..

the first time i heard him singing was in Konsert Prelude, singing ' Intifida'. Before he opens his mouth to sing, looking at his appearance and demeanor, hmm..just an ordinary, shy and quiet man. Nothing really special about him. But, as soon as he starts to sing, my eyes was locked to him, simply captivated and mesmerised by his incredible, powerful voice. My..now that's what we call a real singer..! And starting that day onwards..ehehhe..he is the only reason i waited every Saturday for AF. Just to listen to his singing.

opp..no, im not among his fanatic fans, ( ermm..i dont vote either..). It just that i appreciate songbirds with beautiful voice, someone that can make others sit and listen, holding their breath till the last note. YEah.. i do admit, he's still lacking here and there, he keeps making mistakes ..termasuk awal lah, tercepat dan lari dr melodi..but , amazingly...he still manage to make me..( and i know im not the only one..), to listen attentively and enjoy ourselves, blinding away his flaws and weaknesses in his performance.

lontaran suara dia..( pulakk..dh macam pengkritik AF dh nih..), memang clear. Recalling ms dia nyanyi 'Intifada', i can hear every words sung. Ermm..bukan nak kata Asri Rabbani nyanyi tak sedap, but.. i never really pay much attention to this song, until i hear Mawi singing it. Hmm..to conclude it, the way i like Siti's ,Celine's voices..it's the same admiration i felt to Mawi. Let just hope he remains being the good one, ingat baik buruk and tak hanyut with all his sudden popularities nih. Go MAwi..im rooting for u..!

tak kisahlah..org nak kata apa pun, sayur sawi ke, petola ke, terung ke..yg penting his voice is exceptional.I know a good singer when i hear one. But, frankly and personally...semerdu mana pun suara dia masa menyanyi, pastinya tak sehebat dan selunak tatkala mengalunkan ayat2 Tuhan kan..hmm...

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