30 June 2006

after exam...

Alhamdulillah, finally..thanks for the prayers. ..=].

( list yg dh dibuat lama dulu..skrg baru boleh post =] )

Things I wanna do after exam : ( this going to be a veryy loooong list )

1. Bayar nazar. Syukur pada Tuhan..=]

2. go and see my orthodontist. Been checking my teeth in the mirror every two seconds, as I feel it’s getting weirder. Like the occlusion has deviated a bit from its way of biting, and make me feel quite worried. Very worried actually. Okay2..i know, a bit of paranoia here, but that’s the problem when we learn about it, we know when it’s not normal. Need to put a stop to this worry and get it checked, padan la dgn muka sendiri, for being incompliant in wearing retainer and caused my orthodontically -aligned teeth to relapse..=/

3. read novels. All the novels in the world..ehhehe. Stay at Borders for hours and make it my second home.

4. master cooking and driving skills. This time, seriously naz, no more playing around like before. Err...not a really good cook yet, still learning a lot..=p. But it’s the driving part where I really need to muster all the strengths and courage in me,..sheesh, just wipe the fear off ur face and drive…ok?! Will force Abe to be my driving instructor..heheh.

5. Keluar dgn kakak. IF she refused, paksa!!! Ehhehe..no-lah..i can go out alone. Been doing tht all my life. Better exercise my feet as preparation for my outings session..as I like to walk when I go out! =D ( or ..is the main reason is because u can’t drive naz..? cehhh)

6. spend all my time with family. This is supposed to be on top of the list. Be the maid, let mama rest. Spend time berbual2 dgn ayah. When the first priority is to be their daughter, i will try my best to use it fully. Who knows where ill be send working after this, ..or where my destiny will lead me. If KL, alhamdulillah. If somewhere else, im ok with that too…=]

7. go and visit my old schools, CBN and SMAPL. Been wanting to do this for a long time, but haven’t had the time. Jumpa cikgu2, borak2...and thank them, as without their help and blessing, I might not be where or who I am today. HEheh..can’t wait to meet them, and one very expected question that will surely pop out from their mouth would be “ awak ni, bilanya lagi nak kawen..?”. =] My sis, Bie told me that Ustzh Epuziah been digging juicy infos from her..ehheh., cikgu2...

8. chat in ym every night...=]. InsyaAllah..will be available most of the time.

9. find out about locums...? Need the experience. Plus it's time to build my future..takkan nak depend on parents money lagi..

10. Buy the ‘Choc Moist’ cake ingredients and bake one! ....been craving for it, and dreaming of baking one....yummy!!! Really hope it’ll turn out a moist choc cake, and not the ‘bersepai2-hancur’ type of cake…=/

11. Make Abe life miserable by joining him when he stays up for football match =p. Wanna learn a few things about football. Especially since it’s the World Cup season. Not to the extend of becoming an expert ( cos it will never happen, tht’s for sure! =p) but..nak tahulah sket2…heheh..

12. It’s self-pampering time, naz, time to indulge urself with beauty regimes. Been neglecting myself, time to recharge inside out, And kakak..heheh, im all urs, if u wanna practise ur massaging tech or facial, im 100% willing…=]..and also the yoga-belly-dancing too. Ok2..i wont 'curi-tulang'..

13. And.., naz, FINISH UP imah’s sarung bantal, which has lasted for about a year I think. So much for my surprise gift which has turned out to be a gift-in-waiting due to my bad habit of procrastinating. Sorriie-lah imah…this time, ill get it done! And when u come back next year, ull be sleeping on it..( err..dont u think u are being waay too ambitious here? Remember last year…?). ehhe. Hopefully not another false hope.

14. Go to PTC and watch the Japanese movies ive been wanting to watch. It’s free anyway….

15. help my parents at Puchong. And btw..bilanya nak pindah nih..?

16. read the old newspapers. Before mama buat operasi and throw them all out. Make paper cuttings if I found anything interesting and worth keeping ( dulu nak buat papercutting psl tsunami, ade lagi ke paper thn 2004 dulu…=/)

17. clean the house. From top to bottom.

18. buy new sandals, practical one, naz..not the stilleto-type or high-heels that would cause u footache or landing facedown on the stairs. Practical and comfortable sandal.

19.watch discovery channel, .ehhe, ths is the new resolution. Hope to be more knowledgable about many issues under the sun..and besides, ayah dok membebel "...tengoklah jugak discovery channel nih,asyik tgk drama je! ”..

20. Again, make Abe life miserable by asking him to accompany me every Saturday for the mouth-watering ‘cendol+pulut’ at Pasar Malam. Let just hope he forgot about his idea to reminisce our good kanak2 days’ and drive to Tmn Perdana after that for some monkey-watching activity…cehh.tak molah!!

21.write in my blog!!!=D

But first...settle the unsettled business dulu!

28 June 2006

thinking of someone

Seriously thinking of someone.=/. What to do ehh, to lessen this ‘constant thinking’, or at least make it bearable…

- call that person..?
not really possible at the time being. And besides.. ‘malu-lah’..eheh.

- write an email..?
done that before. Not a really good solution to cure the ‘thinking’ ..and I alwys end up babbling nonsense.

-send sms…?
Sama je cam tulis email. And I have this problem with sms, I write looong texts..i might as well just write letters!

-go and talk with some friends..?
hmm..might be a good idea,,

-watch some tv..?

-how about indulging in ur favourite pastime activity..? eat ?
...excuse me, it’s not really my ‘fav pastime activity’ anymore. But yeah..eating ehh. Let’s look what we have in my room, stale crackers and dry apple ?…hmm...=/

- write ur blog ? ur forever fav hobby..?
what do u think im doing now, may I ask..?

-go clean ur room and start packing ur stuffs? btw..bila nak siap packing nih?!
ehehehe..in progress. the 'Monica' side in me is planning and organising on how to box my things properly in stages, starting from books, and moving to clothes. The problem is, the 'nostalgic' me cause the packing time to be longer,eheh...with " ..i cant believe i still keep this 'ancient' things.oh my.. it brings old memories..=/ ". And i have this habit of keeping everything,.." ehh sayang nak buang nih, boleh guna lagi..bla bla.." So..let just hope im done with packing by Friday..yeah2.....

- read novels, or old newspapers..or any magz..?
hmm..going to, after ‘letting it out’ in here..

-How about making this ‘thinking of someone’ sthg beneficial..? Everytime u think of that person, send a prayer to his/her way. A silent prayer in ur heart, wishing that person happiness and good health,......
The best answer..insyaAllah..ill do that…=]

26 June 2006

a beautiful day

Pagi tadi, atas bas terpandang ke langit. Wahh..sangat cantik, subhanallah ! Awan putih kelihatan berbaris-baris, membentuk satu rantaian ombak yang memenuhi seluruh langit. Punyalah excited melihatkan ciptaan Tuhan, terus pusing cakap kat org sebelah.." cantikkan langit ?". Confused je muka dia..eheheh.

Alhamdulillah. Teruslah cantik ye langit..selamat perjalanan kapal terbang sampai ke destinasi. Orang kat atas flight tengah buat apa agaknye...hmm..

baru habis exam oral. Haih..kenapa selalu jawab tak lancar ehh, daya keyakinan diri yg kurg ke apa. Yg tensennya asal exam jadi mcm tu, masa tgh berbual bende mengarut punyalah laju mcm tak reti berhenti..=p. Nasib baik Dr Naga sgt baik, sepanjang sesi oral exam paediatric. Alhamdulillah sudah selesai..semoga semuanya lepas dgn baik..amiiinnnn.

okeylah..lots of things to do. Wish me luck..bye!

And thank you Allah..for this beautiful day...=]

24 June 2006

kalau dh bukan 'rezeki'...

Aku sentiasa sudah ada gambaran awal bende yg aku nak dlm kepala. Contohnya, kalau nak beli sandal. Dalam kepala aku, gambaran sandal yang aku inginkan tu dah ada, nak yg jenis mcm ni, rupa begini. Dan aku akan cari sehingga jumpa sandal yg menyamai ciri-ciri yg aku dh bayangkan ni. Dan bila aku kata 'cari' ..aku memang cari. Tu pasal , kalau dah set dalam kepala nak 'shoe-hunting', aku lagi suka keluar sendiri. Sebab tak nak menyusahkan kawan2 yg akan kepenatan melayan' kedegilan' aku ni.. Baik keluar sendiri, cari sampai puas hati.

Dan setiap kedai kasut yang aku masuk, mata akan perhati deretan sandal2 yg ada. Bila ada yg menyerupai gambaran sandal yg aku dh lakar dlm kepala, aku akan belek, try pakai, nilai harga, dan ambil kira keselesaan. Kadang-kadang 'yg cantik di mata, tak selesa di kaki'. Dan pendapat orang pun takkan sama dengan kehendak hati kita. Aku biasanya takkan terus beli. Aku akan masuk kedai2 kasut yg lain, buat comparison pros-cons utk sandal2 yg dh di'short-list'kan. Lepas tu baru akan beli. Dan biasanya..aku akan puas hati dan takkan menyesal. Kerana itu pilihan aku yang telah aku pertimbangkan justifikasi pembeliannya.

Dan kdg2 kerana terlalu berhati-hati dlm membeli, aku tak terus beli sbb nak fikir dulu. Mungkin faktor duit belum cukup, mungkin sebab takut ikut nafsu membeli je. Dan akan dtg pada hari yg lain utk beli. Pernah berlaku, bila aku dah cukup duit, dan dah memang determined nak beli..tengok-tengok dah takde sandal tuh. Memang rasa sangat terkilan, sebab aku dh jumpa sesuatu yang aku suka, tapi tak bertindak segera untuk memilikinya. Akan salahkan diri sendiri, kerana ambil masa lama sangat untuk buat keputusan. Walhal hakikat sebenarnya...sandal itu dah memang tertulis bukan 'rezeki' aku.

Ini baru nak membeli sandal, kalau nak memilih sesuatu yang lebih bernilai dan berharga..apatah lagi.

hmm....Tadi shopping sandal. Sepanjang sesi 'sandal-hunting' berseorangan, bnyk bende boleh difikir. Antara kebaikannya bersendiri, kerana kita akan diam. Bila diam, banyak bende fikir.

Ada org pernah kata.." kalau dah memang bukan rezeki kita, makanan dalam mulut pun lagikan terkeluar.." . Nak dipegang kemas mana pun, nak diikat rantai sekali pun, kalau dah bukan 'rezeki' kita,..tetap bukan rezeki kita.

Cuma..bila kita dah jumpa sesuatu yang buat kita fikir.." yeap..this is it. ". The search has finally come to an end. Yang membuatkan kita rasa tak nak melepaskannya selagi ada kudrat kita. Kerana kita rasa kita dah jumpa apa yg kita cari-cari selama ini.

Kerana perasaan yang melimpah-ruah begini, kadang-kadang kita jadi terlupa, keupayaan kita yang terbatas sebagai manusia. Kita boleh merancang, boleh memasang angan-angan, boleh merangka perjalanan masa depan..sedangkan penentunya adalah DIA, Tuhan yang Maha Mengetahui apa yg terbaik untuk hamba-Nya. Bila sesuatu berlaku yang...errr , ..terasa macam Tuhan nak 'ketuk' sikit kepala hamba yang terlalu asyik menganyam mimpi agar kembali berpijak di bumi. Agar tidak alpa hakikat masa depan yg masih belum pasti. Hmmm...

Percaya apa juga yang akan berlaku esok adalah yang terbaik. Kita boleh usaha, berdoa dan bertawakkal..selebihnya kita serahkan pada Tuhan. Dan sentiasa berbaik-sangka pada-Nya, kerana TUhan menyertai sangkaan hamba-hamba-Nya.

22 June 2006

the boy i like

Some friends asked me this question back during those days. The days when everyone fancy someone. The years when boy’s issues appeared to be an interesting topic to talk about. Those teenage years, when we were at the age of 15-16 years old. The period of time when the boys grow taller and walk in herds, and the girls learn how to look pretty and make face-mirror their inseparable bestfriend ( and still do until now..=p).

“.. Naz, bgtaulah, siapa yg naz suka..? Takkan takde suka sapa2 kott..come on…Is it A..? Or B ? haa..mesti C nihhh..kan?” prodding me along with a curious look on their face. And I would smile mysteriously, enjoying the attention while asking myself “.. who do I like..?”.

I remember listening about the boy they like. Some of them wrote letters and when no one’s watching, stuck it in the boy’s locker. Some would combined names, or birth-dates and scribble it on every single thing they own eg ‘azura’ + ‘jamil’= ‘AzuMil’ or sthg like tht. Sometimes, they count ‘percentages’ (..how to cerita, kira peratus nama tuh..eheh, had a few share of doing this myself..), and then squeal in delight when the percentages are high, as if that indicates ‘compatibility’. Some other prefer to keep it to themselves, enjoy being a ‘secret admirer’, but we know they like someone judging from the ‘mysterious’ nicknames and ‘words combination’ found in their notebooks. And some of the girls choose to discuss the boy openly in their group of friends..and I would listen, and think “..
aren’t they afraid telling ppl about this…considering that the words might spill to the boy’s side, and to that ‘particular’ boy’s ears.?”.

During that time, I had no story to share, no particular boy to talk about or ‘squeal’ at. Basically, I was only a listener, or observer. Not that I want to be like someone im not, it just that smtmes I wondered how is it, to have a certain liking to a boy and declare it to public. Looking at these ppl around me, each having a ‘crush’ on someone, I did ask myself “..aren’t there someone I suppose to like too..?.”. I did have a few ‘crushes’ ( .. I was a normal growing girl ok..;]..)..but I never entertain the feelings, as I believed it is only transitory and not worth thinking about. And besides….eheh, I was a ‘skema’ student..huhu..=p

so..at the peak of my blossoming teen life, I decided to have ‘someone to like’. To divert a little of my attention from books, and to ‘join the crowd’. To feel how it is. I picked someone from my class. He is a quiet boy, alwys seemed to be in his own world, and I believe studying is his passion..eheh. I begin stealing glances at him, looking at his serious expression as he fixed his eyes in books. I never tell a soul, as I was scared that I might be teased around when ppl know about it. But the strongest reason of me keeping it to myself, is because I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling, is it ‘like’ or sthg else, I dunno...=/. Because of that uncertainty, I didn’t want the boy to know, didnt wish to make him ‘perasan’ ( as he is a good boy, I want him to stay that way ) and then I would have trouble to explain it later. What i knew was, I want to like someone...that’s all =]. Eheheh..silly, silly..me…but amidst my silliness, the ‘seriousness’ remains..aiyoo, naz..it’s only zaman kanak2 ribena maa…dont have to be so serious, but can’t help it, it’s who I was, and still am.

I don’t remember how long I like the boy. Recalling the times when I smile amusedly looking at him eating ice cream, and after that he eats a bag of ‘keropok’ and the munching continues..and there I was thinking, “ issh…makan sorg je..”. He usually would ‘accompany’ me studying in the class, him at the boy side, and me at the ‘puteri side’. And when I was in my ‘lazy mood’, looking at him so seriously studying would make me sit up straighter and said to myself “..study..naz, study. Dia study maut tuh ..”. Thinking it back, im not sure if we ever utter a single word to one another…hmm.

I think the 'fancying him' stopped when one of my friend started to ‘announce’ that she too, like that boy. Since no one knows about my ‘little secret’, it was not a problem for me, and silently too, the feeling just died. One thing I learn from it, heart can be very mouldable. Even if u don’t like someone at first, but if u keep ‘thinking-telling’ urself that u do, or u let ppl around ‘cucuk-cucuk’ by pairing u with that person, suddenly u go all fluttery and blush at the sight of him, or at the mention of his name. Eventually..it will trigger ur heart in a way u didn’t expect. So..dont ‘cucuk-cucuk’ if u are not ready to face the consequence of really falling for that person.

So there..a little story of a boy I once like. Hmm.....if he had offered me a piece of that ‘keropok’..maybe, i might want to fight for his attention.. =p..just kidding ! ( yeah..like the boy would bother responding to it..,;] )

20 June 2006

love story

Heh..no, this is not like what u think this is. Not the same kind of love ponderings or heart talks which ive done many times in here. And I really hope I didn’t 'pollute' anyone’s mind..ehehe. With my rambling entries.

Today I want to share a story ive read in TheStar newspaper ( found when i was rummaging the stacks of old newspapers under my desk..eheh,). It’s actually sent by a reader, who like me I believe, wish to share with public something we think as ‘worth a read’. It’s a beautiful, simple story, a proof that there is still pure and true love around us. And i hope too, that this story would inspire us all. In anyway it could.

It’s just an old fashioned love story ( by Dr Chris Anthony from Seberang Prai, Penang – thank u for sharing this story! )

On a recent trip back to my hometown, I happened to meet an elderly gentleman whom we fondly call Uncle George. I knew him when i was a schoolboy but had not seen him many years since.

His greatest trait was his perpetual cheerfulness. As a matter of fact, we never saw him angry or sad. Because of this, he was well liked by all, especially children.

He now lives with his wife, Grace, and spends all his time taking care of her, because an accident left her sickly and disabled. He cycles several kilometers a day to get food for himself and his wife.

I greeted him and invited him to join my wife and I for breakfast. His meal cost me just RM2.20.

As we ate, we chatted about old times, which brought pleasant memories. He told us about his family and wife. We listened patiently as he related how he cared for her and the problems he encountered. We wished him well and left.

A week later I was surprised to receive a letter from him praising my wife and I, a praise that we don’t really deserve.

The following paragraphs from his letter really touched us:
“ Aunty Grace is not so good in health, she sleeps all the time. I am so frightened she will go off in sleep for good. Hardly do we have any visitors.

This year I am 86 and my wife is 82. If we can live until Dec 28, we will be married for 60 years and we can celebrate our diamond jubilee.

Yes, doctor, true love begins when we grow old; I think I love my wife more now than I first met her.

But soon we will have to part..”

A mere two ringgit, a few encouraging words and the willingness to listen was all that was needed to touch a life in the form of Uncle George. In return, he gave us something which wealth cannot buy – his invaluable experience of true love.

His experience is a reminder to us that love, contrary to what we think, never fades, it only grows with time.

It also reinforces the fact that there are still a lot of good things in life that cannot be obtained with money or power – and that is God’s greatest gift to us.

Sob. Worth my tears too..=/

Now maybe that’s what we call a real love story…..

14 June 2006

fight the feeling !

When I was in school, one of my friends taught me a trick, which i never apply or try in my life so far. A trick on how to ‘neutralise our immense feelings’ to someone or sthg ( usually to a person ). Whatever strong feeling, be it hate, like, revenge, obsession, etc. Whatever that is overwhelming in us, which becoming more ‘dangerous’ or bothersome. Meanings..it gets too intense that makes u go slightly ‘crazy’.( ermm.that’s way too exaggerated..). Example, u are obsessed with someone, or sthg like tht. And it bothers u. Tremendously.

Ok, to make it short....this friend of mine, she liked a guy and always found herself thinking of that person and hoping to catch a glimpse of him everyday. To the extent that she knew at what time that guy would walk around her class so she could see him. The thing is, she didn’t like her state of being ‘addicted’ to wanting to see tht guy, and constantly thinking of him, when she was virtually invisible to him. What she did then was, she recorded her improvements in her attempts to kill the feeling, in other words, she keeps a record of how many times she thinks of him in a day. Example, on Monday 1st june, she thought of him 99 times.( whoaaa.), she jotted it down in her diary and said to herself that tomorrow she’ll think of him less. And it works. Gradually, the number of times spent floating away thinking of that guy reduced, from nearly 100 to 56, to 32 and so on. There were, of course, a few fluctuations in her records, but amazingly, with her effort ... by the end of that month, she managed to totally scrape the guy out from her mind, and the feeling was ‘neutralised’. From intense liking to …merely nonchalance. Hmm.

What I want to share here is not the story of a girl who’s obsessed with a guy. But about determination to fight our feelings. In a more common term people put it, ‘our jihad against nafsu’. We are human sent to this world with ‘akal and nafsu’. We are not angles or prophets who are ‘maksum’. We are only human beings. But..we are the best creation among all. “ Sesungguhnya Aku ( Allah ) ciptakan manusia dengan sebaik-sebaik kejadian..” As ‘khalifah’ of this world.

I don’t want to elaborate long, or else this will bore some ppl as they would see this as another ‘ceramah agama’. But yeahh..admitting our weakness, there are times when we are ‘flooded’ with emotions, which can make us float away dreamily. Smtmes too, it could create lustful thinkings in our minds without us realizing or wanting it. Fight the temptation. Beat the ‘syaitan or iblis or nafsu’ in us. We are better and stronger than them. And our 'silent battle' ..hopefully, will be regarded as one of our 'jihad' to be a better servant to Him..

10 June 2006

tuesdays with morrie

Taken from ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by Mitch Albom..

“..Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them, too – even when you’re in the dark. Even when you’re falling…”

“ So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they are chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning to life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating sthg that gives you purpose and meaning .."

“..the culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves. And you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn't work, don’t buy it…”

- morrie schwartz

05 June 2006

deja vu

Have it ever occurred to you, a situation like this..it’s a little bit like déjà vu, I think..( btw, not really sure what déjà vu is ..=/ )

I was in my room, when a friend knocked and hand me a McD burger. Gratefully..( mcm tahu2 je tak mkn lagi..), i unwrapped the burger and took a humongous bite. Suddenly I felt like,..like a very familiar feeling, as my taste bud reacted to this particular burger. Weird. Like there is a special memory in me about this taste. And very strong too. And the very first bite of tht burger brought the old memory back…to my old days in CBN..!!

Back in CBN, every year, during the Hari Kanak2 celebration, each student would get a free McD burger. Heheh…still remember the excitement, as there were no class for the whole day ! Yahoo..! =D. And all the teachers were extra kind..(eheh..) and let us do whatever we want. But it’s the burger, that particular burger, that has stayed in my memory store. The beef, ketchup, the cheese, the taste..not a slightest change.(..err,..frankly.. i never really like the burger, and kept hoping that this year's burger is different from lastyear's, but kept getting disappointed when i opened the wrapper and it's still the same burger..=/...minta maaf McD..ehhe, tak bersyukur plak pt burger free..!). Hmm…never realized that I really ’treasured’ the burger memory..eheheh..

The same feeling too will occur in me, when I hear a certain Quran recital. Not all, only that particular voice. A very pleasant sound to ears. It will remind me of the days in my father’s car, on our way to Kelantan.. 'balik kampung’, when I was still in the tender age of 6 - 8 years old. During those days, ayah will be the driver, and I would be sitting next to driver’s seat with my big sister, ( ms tu, boleh dok 2 org, sbb kecil lagi..eheh), and mama had to sit behind to take care of the rest, the crying, squabbling, and vomiting siblings of mine..( eikks..). And my dad would ‘pasang kaset mengaji’ , which would accompany our journey home. Tertidur dgn alunannya, terbangun pun dgr bacaan ayat Tuhan yg sama. Maybe because of that, the consistency of that beautiful Quran verses, become sthg that stick like glue to my memory.

Are all these, what we call as déjà vu ?...

02 June 2006

hanya perlu faham

Hmm..pukul 2.00 pg , terfikir ttg nih.

Bila kita faham kenapa dia bersikap begitu..kita takkan cepat nak menghukum.
Bila kita faham kenapa manusia kadang2 begini, kadang2 begitu,.. kita takkan cepat nak melatah.
Bila kita faham, kita akan tahu cara terbaik untuk menghadapi keadaan dan tidak mengeruhkannya.

Banyak masalah berlaku bila kita tidak faham. Contoh, Maths. Kalau tak faham konsep, memang tak boleh jawab (ask the expert..=/). Tapi, kalau kita faham asasnya, hulurlah soalan mcmana pun, kita boleh jawab dengan mudah.

Sama juga kesnya dalam perhubungan kita sesama manusia. Kadang-kadang tak perlu penjelasan yg panjang berjela. Juga tak perlu nak dipersoalkan kenapa, mengapa..atau bentak2 bila kemahuan tak dipenuhi..apabila kita sudah faham dan mengerti. Kalau tak berapa faham, cuba untuk faham. Belajar untuk faham.

Bila sesekali melihat org yg hampir dgn kita bermuka keruh dan naik suara, cuba fahami situasi sukarnya.
Bila perasaan kejap naik kejap turun, faham bahawa kejadian ‘hati’ ni begitu dan bertindak untuk mengawalnya.
Dan bila berlaku sesuatu di luar kemahuan dan perancangan kita, fahami juga bahawa hakikat dunia ni begitulah.

Kalau lah semua manusia saling faham dan berbaik sangka... mungkin juga dunia akan lebih aman.

p/s :..ehheh, tiba2 bercakap psl nih, sesuatu yg selama ni aku hanya fikir sorg2. Memang bercakap lebih mudah, dan untuk betul2 menjadi org yg memahami bukan sesenang itu..tapi kita boleh berusaha..jd , usaha..!

01 June 2006

Q and A session

( ate too many carbs, at 10 pm..isk. Have to wait a few hours before hitting the sack..). Let's do some Q-A session...

Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise..?
- Neither of them both ! Definitely it’s gonna be Adrien Brody..!=D.(..if only he wears spectacles...)

Angelina Jolie or Julia Robert..?
- Neither of them both too. If I were to choose one famous Hollywood actress, Reese Witherspoon is the one. Smart, cute, funny woman with a good head on her shoulder

Mee bandung or mee Kari..?
- I’ll go for kuay tiaw hailam..=]..sllurrp!

Jungle trekking or fishing..?
- I’ve had my share of jungle trekking when i was in school, really enjoyed the experience. Fishing? Ive tried it once, managed to catch one fish..and later spent hours waiting for another. One fish and a sunburn..hmm. Spending time at the beach would be the ideal, just sitting on the sand, listening to the waves, looking far ahead at the wide sea,...and thinking to myself, where’s the end ..?

Starbucks or Warung Pak Abu...?
- Been to Starbucks once, and had one of the most delicious drink. But.., not the kind of place I’d choose to go all the time. ( as im quite ‘kedekut’ with my money,eheh..to spend over RM10 for a drink..err, I don’t think so..). Warung is allright,if only it put greater emphasis on cleanliness, ( but show me one, clean warung area..?) So, my choice would be any food court that place high, or at least, average standard of cleanliness. ( sigh )

Be a Prime Minister or Queen of a Country..?
- Hahaha..it reminds me of a question i asked my mama once.."mama, kalu kak nak kahwin dgn anak raja, mama bagi ke..?" ( tersengih2 macam kerang busuk..btw, mana dtgnya simpulan bahasa 'sengih mcm kerang busuk' nih,..kerang ada gigi ke..? =/ ). And mama's answer was.." tak payahlah..tak serupa cara hidup kita tuh.."( eheh..mama nih, org main2 je..). But really..trying to picture myself nih..waving gracefully and smiling elegantly..it must be pretty tiring to shake hands with all the ppl lining up..ehh ?. But no-lah, never dream of becoming one...it's not me. I just want to be the 'queen of my own family'..=]

Drawing or singing ..?
- ..when i was a kid, i draw a potrait of my father, proudly hoping to show it off to ppl, but at the end, i decided to pretend it was 'anwar ibrahim's potrait instead of him.( as halfway during my drawing, it eventually look more like anwar than my father...=/.) I can only draw simple stuffs, nothing grand. Singing..? anybody can sing actually, just the matter of 'are u confident enuff to sing ur voice in front of ppl '..that's all. I choose to read..reading is one thing i know im good at and enjoy it trully.

Gone With The Wind or Titanic..?
- i like the beautiful long gowns in GWTW, but i hate thinking that Scarlett wasted her time being stupid as she keeps wanting someone's husband till it makes her 'blind' to Rhett's love. Titanic..hmm, yeah2, tragic love story ( aren't every movie, say, Troy, Tristan&Isolde..? )..but i remember wondering why on earth Jack didn't find himself a floating piece of wood too, which he could climb on. Then, perhaps they could both be saved and live happily ever after..ehehehe. Like what someone said.." dh pengarah dia suruh buat mcm tu..!". But both are, undoubtedly great movies of their time, ..it just if i were to choose a movie, ill vote for 'shawshank redemptions' or 'life is beautiful',,that would be my choice..

'Garden wedding' or 'Grand wedding '..?
-..wedding ehh..? woman's favourite topic, i suppose. Dunno, never really give this a serious thinking ( but yeah..'course, berangan2 a few times..ehehe ). I dunno how others picture their wedding day, or wanting it to be a garden wedding or a huge wedding on a cruising ship etc, for me there's only one image in my mind, which i dont think i want to reveal it in here. Wait till the day comes.., insyaAllah =]..

during weekends, hang out with friends and go partying or join woman's organisation to fight for women's right..?
- err..how about staying at home, pamper myself with any beauty regimes, curl on a sofa with good books, watch tvs all day long, spend hours talking to that one person, and plan to do things together. Weekends are for 'relaxing' and 'de-stressing' activities, which i wish to spend only with loved ones. "home is where the heart is.."

reading dental books or 'blogging'..?
- obviously..fellas, it's not that hard to guess ehh..

Enough of time-wasting...early today will be adik's minor operation. Wish him well yea..thinking of staying awake until dawn, dont want to miss sending him to the door ..eheh. And there's this other thing on my mind as well..why aa, when something is about to slip from ur hand, then only u'll realise how much u want that thing. Hmm..manusia, manusia....