30 June 2006

after exam...

Alhamdulillah, finally..thanks for the prayers. ..=].

( list yg dh dibuat lama dulu..skrg baru boleh post =] )

Things I wanna do after exam : ( this going to be a veryy loooong list )

1. Bayar nazar. Syukur pada Tuhan..=]

2. go and see my orthodontist. Been checking my teeth in the mirror every two seconds, as I feel it’s getting weirder. Like the occlusion has deviated a bit from its way of biting, and make me feel quite worried. Very worried actually. Okay2..i know, a bit of paranoia here, but that’s the problem when we learn about it, we know when it’s not normal. Need to put a stop to this worry and get it checked, padan la dgn muka sendiri, for being incompliant in wearing retainer and caused my orthodontically -aligned teeth to relapse..=/

3. read novels. All the novels in the world..ehhehe. Stay at Borders for hours and make it my second home.

4. master cooking and driving skills. This time, seriously naz, no more playing around like before. Err...not a really good cook yet, still learning a lot..=p. But it’s the driving part where I really need to muster all the strengths and courage in me,..sheesh, just wipe the fear off ur face and drive…ok?! Will force Abe to be my driving instructor..heheh.

5. Keluar dgn kakak. IF she refused, paksa!!! Ehhehe..no-lah..i can go out alone. Been doing tht all my life. Better exercise my feet as preparation for my outings session..as I like to walk when I go out! =D ( or ..is the main reason is because u can’t drive naz..? cehhh)

6. spend all my time with family. This is supposed to be on top of the list. Be the maid, let mama rest. Spend time berbual2 dgn ayah. When the first priority is to be their daughter, i will try my best to use it fully. Who knows where ill be send working after this, ..or where my destiny will lead me. If KL, alhamdulillah. If somewhere else, im ok with that too…=]

7. go and visit my old schools, CBN and SMAPL. Been wanting to do this for a long time, but haven’t had the time. Jumpa cikgu2, borak2...and thank them, as without their help and blessing, I might not be where or who I am today. HEheh..can’t wait to meet them, and one very expected question that will surely pop out from their mouth would be “ awak ni, bilanya lagi nak kawen..?”. =] My sis, Bie told me that Ustzh Epuziah been digging juicy infos from her..ehheh., cikgu2...

8. chat in ym every night...=]. InsyaAllah..will be available most of the time.

9. find out about locums...? Need the experience. Plus it's time to build my future..takkan nak depend on parents money lagi..

10. Buy the ‘Choc Moist’ cake ingredients and bake one! ....been craving for it, and dreaming of baking one....yummy!!! Really hope it’ll turn out a moist choc cake, and not the ‘bersepai2-hancur’ type of cake…=/

11. Make Abe life miserable by joining him when he stays up for football match =p. Wanna learn a few things about football. Especially since it’s the World Cup season. Not to the extend of becoming an expert ( cos it will never happen, tht’s for sure! =p) but..nak tahulah sket2…heheh..

12. It’s self-pampering time, naz, time to indulge urself with beauty regimes. Been neglecting myself, time to recharge inside out, And kakak..heheh, im all urs, if u wanna practise ur massaging tech or facial, im 100% willing…=]..and also the yoga-belly-dancing too. Ok2..i wont 'curi-tulang'..

13. And.., naz, FINISH UP imah’s sarung bantal, which has lasted for about a year I think. So much for my surprise gift which has turned out to be a gift-in-waiting due to my bad habit of procrastinating. Sorriie-lah imah…this time, ill get it done! And when u come back next year, ull be sleeping on it..( err..dont u think u are being waay too ambitious here? Remember last year…?). ehhe. Hopefully not another false hope.

14. Go to PTC and watch the Japanese movies ive been wanting to watch. It’s free anyway….

15. help my parents at Puchong. And btw..bilanya nak pindah nih..?

16. read the old newspapers. Before mama buat operasi and throw them all out. Make paper cuttings if I found anything interesting and worth keeping ( dulu nak buat papercutting psl tsunami, ade lagi ke paper thn 2004 dulu…=/)

17. clean the house. From top to bottom.

18. buy new sandals, practical one, naz..not the stilleto-type or high-heels that would cause u footache or landing facedown on the stairs. Practical and comfortable sandal.

19.watch discovery channel, .ehhe, ths is the new resolution. Hope to be more knowledgable about many issues under the sun..and besides, ayah dok membebel "...tengoklah jugak discovery channel nih,asyik tgk drama je! ”..

20. Again, make Abe life miserable by asking him to accompany me every Saturday for the mouth-watering ‘cendol+pulut’ at Pasar Malam. Let just hope he forgot about his idea to reminisce our good kanak2 days’ and drive to Tmn Perdana after that for some monkey-watching activity…cehh.tak molah!!

21.write in my blog!!!=D

But first...settle the unsettled business dulu!


imah said...

betul tuu.. bilenye nak siap pillow cover ni? haih... tunggu imah beranak 3 dulu la kalau mcm ni :P. have fun kak.. u deserve it ..:)

justme said...

aiyak.....akan siap, insyaAllah..!!! =D

eheh, cuti kak tak lama pun, maybe kena lapor diri by 16-17 july..isk.(takde date lain ke selain tu =/ )