20 June 2006

love story

Heh..no, this is not like what u think this is. Not the same kind of love ponderings or heart talks which ive done many times in here. And I really hope I didn’t 'pollute' anyone’s mind..ehehe. With my rambling entries.

Today I want to share a story ive read in TheStar newspaper ( found when i was rummaging the stacks of old newspapers under my desk..eheh,). It’s actually sent by a reader, who like me I believe, wish to share with public something we think as ‘worth a read’. It’s a beautiful, simple story, a proof that there is still pure and true love around us. And i hope too, that this story would inspire us all. In anyway it could.

It’s just an old fashioned love story ( by Dr Chris Anthony from Seberang Prai, Penang – thank u for sharing this story! )

On a recent trip back to my hometown, I happened to meet an elderly gentleman whom we fondly call Uncle George. I knew him when i was a schoolboy but had not seen him many years since.

His greatest trait was his perpetual cheerfulness. As a matter of fact, we never saw him angry or sad. Because of this, he was well liked by all, especially children.

He now lives with his wife, Grace, and spends all his time taking care of her, because an accident left her sickly and disabled. He cycles several kilometers a day to get food for himself and his wife.

I greeted him and invited him to join my wife and I for breakfast. His meal cost me just RM2.20.

As we ate, we chatted about old times, which brought pleasant memories. He told us about his family and wife. We listened patiently as he related how he cared for her and the problems he encountered. We wished him well and left.

A week later I was surprised to receive a letter from him praising my wife and I, a praise that we don’t really deserve.

The following paragraphs from his letter really touched us:
“ Aunty Grace is not so good in health, she sleeps all the time. I am so frightened she will go off in sleep for good. Hardly do we have any visitors.

This year I am 86 and my wife is 82. If we can live until Dec 28, we will be married for 60 years and we can celebrate our diamond jubilee.

Yes, doctor, true love begins when we grow old; I think I love my wife more now than I first met her.

But soon we will have to part..”

A mere two ringgit, a few encouraging words and the willingness to listen was all that was needed to touch a life in the form of Uncle George. In return, he gave us something which wealth cannot buy – his invaluable experience of true love.

His experience is a reminder to us that love, contrary to what we think, never fades, it only grows with time.

It also reinforces the fact that there are still a lot of good things in life that cannot be obtained with money or power – and that is God’s greatest gift to us.

Sob. Worth my tears too..=/

Now maybe that’s what we call a real love story…..

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