28 June 2006

thinking of someone

Seriously thinking of someone.=/. What to do ehh, to lessen this ‘constant thinking’, or at least make it bearable…

- call that person..?
not really possible at the time being. And besides.. ‘malu-lah’..eheh.

- write an email..?
done that before. Not a really good solution to cure the ‘thinking’ ..and I alwys end up babbling nonsense.

-send sms…?
Sama je cam tulis email. And I have this problem with sms, I write looong texts..i might as well just write letters!

-go and talk with some friends..?
hmm..might be a good idea,,

-watch some tv..?

-how about indulging in ur favourite pastime activity..? eat ?
...excuse me, it’s not really my ‘fav pastime activity’ anymore. But yeah..eating ehh. Let’s look what we have in my room, stale crackers and dry apple ?…hmm...=/

- write ur blog ? ur forever fav hobby..?
what do u think im doing now, may I ask..?

-go clean ur room and start packing ur stuffs? btw..bila nak siap packing nih?!
ehehehe..in progress. the 'Monica' side in me is planning and organising on how to box my things properly in stages, starting from books, and moving to clothes. The problem is, the 'nostalgic' me cause the packing time to be longer,eheh...with " ..i cant believe i still keep this 'ancient' things.oh my.. it brings old memories..=/ ". And i have this habit of keeping everything,.." ehh sayang nak buang nih, boleh guna lagi..bla bla.." So..let just hope im done with packing by Friday..yeah2.....

- read novels, or old newspapers..or any magz..?
hmm..going to, after ‘letting it out’ in here..

-How about making this ‘thinking of someone’ sthg beneficial..? Everytime u think of that person, send a prayer to his/her way. A silent prayer in ur heart, wishing that person happiness and good health,......
The best answer..insyaAllah..ill do that…=]

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