05 June 2006

deja vu

Have it ever occurred to you, a situation like this..it’s a little bit like déjà vu, I think..( btw, not really sure what déjà vu is ..=/ )

I was in my room, when a friend knocked and hand me a McD burger. Gratefully..( mcm tahu2 je tak mkn lagi..), i unwrapped the burger and took a humongous bite. Suddenly I felt like,..like a very familiar feeling, as my taste bud reacted to this particular burger. Weird. Like there is a special memory in me about this taste. And very strong too. And the very first bite of tht burger brought the old memory back…to my old days in CBN..!!

Back in CBN, every year, during the Hari Kanak2 celebration, each student would get a free McD burger. Heheh…still remember the excitement, as there were no class for the whole day ! Yahoo..! =D. And all the teachers were extra kind..(eheh..) and let us do whatever we want. But it’s the burger, that particular burger, that has stayed in my memory store. The beef, ketchup, the cheese, the taste..not a slightest change.(..err,..frankly.. i never really like the burger, and kept hoping that this year's burger is different from lastyear's, but kept getting disappointed when i opened the wrapper and it's still the same burger..=/...minta maaf McD..ehhe, tak bersyukur plak pt burger free..!). Hmm…never realized that I really ’treasured’ the burger memory..eheheh..

The same feeling too will occur in me, when I hear a certain Quran recital. Not all, only that particular voice. A very pleasant sound to ears. It will remind me of the days in my father’s car, on our way to Kelantan.. 'balik kampung’, when I was still in the tender age of 6 - 8 years old. During those days, ayah will be the driver, and I would be sitting next to driver’s seat with my big sister, ( ms tu, boleh dok 2 org, sbb kecil lagi..eheh), and mama had to sit behind to take care of the rest, the crying, squabbling, and vomiting siblings of mine..( eikks..). And my dad would ‘pasang kaset mengaji’ , which would accompany our journey home. Tertidur dgn alunannya, terbangun pun dgr bacaan ayat Tuhan yg sama. Maybe because of that, the consistency of that beautiful Quran verses, become sthg that stick like glue to my memory.

Are all these, what we call as déjà vu ?...


ghoyye said...

nope, i dun think so.

deja vu is the feeling u get when u think u've already experienced a particular moment but in reality it actually hasn't occur yet.

in your case, i think it's purely a flashback kot! ;p

imah said...

deja vu ni actually because of epilepsy in small part of your brain. :P (temporal ke ape dah ? )

justme said...

eheh...thanks ghoyye and imah..=]

read somewhere..it's sthg they call 'emotional memory',..

err..imahh, deja vu is because of epilepsy,?..serious..?? =/

imah said...

yea! temporal lobe epilepsy if i'm not mistaken. but u know how everything is now being medicalised- so i'm not suprised.i still think deja vu is like u having premonition of the future. like u've dreamt abt it before- and it came true. i think theres an unconscious talent in each and everyone of us to tell the future. we just dont know how to use it yet :P (mcm nabi yusof belaja explain mimpi la ala2 :P)