01 June 2006

Q and A session

( ate too many carbs, at 10 pm..isk. Have to wait a few hours before hitting the sack..). Let's do some Q-A session...

Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise..?
- Neither of them both ! Definitely it’s gonna be Adrien Brody..!=D.(..if only he wears spectacles...)

Angelina Jolie or Julia Robert..?
- Neither of them both too. If I were to choose one famous Hollywood actress, Reese Witherspoon is the one. Smart, cute, funny woman with a good head on her shoulder

Mee bandung or mee Kari..?
- I’ll go for kuay tiaw hailam..=]..sllurrp!

Jungle trekking or fishing..?
- I’ve had my share of jungle trekking when i was in school, really enjoyed the experience. Fishing? Ive tried it once, managed to catch one fish..and later spent hours waiting for another. One fish and a sunburn..hmm. Spending time at the beach would be the ideal, just sitting on the sand, listening to the waves, looking far ahead at the wide sea,...and thinking to myself, where’s the end ..?

Starbucks or Warung Pak Abu...?
- Been to Starbucks once, and had one of the most delicious drink. But.., not the kind of place I’d choose to go all the time. ( as im quite ‘kedekut’ with my money,eheh..to spend over RM10 for a drink..err, I don’t think so..). Warung is allright,if only it put greater emphasis on cleanliness, ( but show me one, clean warung area..?) So, my choice would be any food court that place high, or at least, average standard of cleanliness. ( sigh )

Be a Prime Minister or Queen of a Country..?
- Hahaha..it reminds me of a question i asked my mama once.."mama, kalu kak nak kahwin dgn anak raja, mama bagi ke..?" ( tersengih2 macam kerang busuk..btw, mana dtgnya simpulan bahasa 'sengih mcm kerang busuk' nih,..kerang ada gigi ke..? =/ ). And mama's answer was.." tak payahlah..tak serupa cara hidup kita tuh.."( eheh..mama nih, org main2 je..). But really..trying to picture myself nih..waving gracefully and smiling elegantly..it must be pretty tiring to shake hands with all the ppl lining up..ehh ?. But no-lah, never dream of becoming one...it's not me. I just want to be the 'queen of my own family'..=]

Drawing or singing ..?
- ..when i was a kid, i draw a potrait of my father, proudly hoping to show it off to ppl, but at the end, i decided to pretend it was 'anwar ibrahim's potrait instead of him.( as halfway during my drawing, it eventually look more like anwar than my father...=/.) I can only draw simple stuffs, nothing grand. Singing..? anybody can sing actually, just the matter of 'are u confident enuff to sing ur voice in front of ppl '..that's all. I choose to read..reading is one thing i know im good at and enjoy it trully.

Gone With The Wind or Titanic..?
- i like the beautiful long gowns in GWTW, but i hate thinking that Scarlett wasted her time being stupid as she keeps wanting someone's husband till it makes her 'blind' to Rhett's love. Titanic..hmm, yeah2, tragic love story ( aren't every movie, say, Troy, Tristan&Isolde..? )..but i remember wondering why on earth Jack didn't find himself a floating piece of wood too, which he could climb on. Then, perhaps they could both be saved and live happily ever after..ehehehe. Like what someone said.." dh pengarah dia suruh buat mcm tu..!". But both are, undoubtedly great movies of their time, ..it just if i were to choose a movie, ill vote for 'shawshank redemptions' or 'life is beautiful',,that would be my choice..

'Garden wedding' or 'Grand wedding '..?
-..wedding ehh..? woman's favourite topic, i suppose. Dunno, never really give this a serious thinking ( but yeah..'course, berangan2 a few times..ehehe ). I dunno how others picture their wedding day, or wanting it to be a garden wedding or a huge wedding on a cruising ship etc, for me there's only one image in my mind, which i dont think i want to reveal it in here. Wait till the day comes.., insyaAllah =]..

during weekends, hang out with friends and go partying or join woman's organisation to fight for women's right..?
- err..how about staying at home, pamper myself with any beauty regimes, curl on a sofa with good books, watch tvs all day long, spend hours talking to that one person, and plan to do things together. Weekends are for 'relaxing' and 'de-stressing' activities, which i wish to spend only with loved ones. "home is where the heart is.."

reading dental books or 'blogging'..?
- obviously..fellas, it's not that hard to guess ehh..

Enough of time-wasting...early today will be adik's minor operation. Wish him well yea..thinking of staying awake until dawn, dont want to miss sending him to the door ..eheh. And there's this other thing on my mind as well..why aa, when something is about to slip from ur hand, then only u'll realise how much u want that thing. Hmm..manusia, manusia....

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