29 May 2006

liking the 'not-so-likeable'..

…bila-lah nak terer prostho nih. Or, accurately, bila-lah nak suka sikit kat prostho nih.. ( minta maaf kalau ade doktor2 prostho yg baca nih,..ehheh ..)

Prosthodontic, among the branches in dentistry, which involves the making of prosthesis/artificial teeth eg dentures, bridges, crowns..and implants ( implant nih, kitorg tak buat, specialist sj..).Kenapa tak suka..? Good question.

Because it involves technicalities, if u don’t have a good grasp of the concept, u cant do it well. In other words, u just can’t memorise it blindly, like oral medicine or paediatric. For me, it’s a bit like maths/physics, .. u have to understand the basics well, in order to make a good denture design etc. Different mouth have different cases, and not everyone entering dental clinic with a Kennedy class III feature, which would be easy because then it would be a straight case from book. But unfortunately, very seldom cases like tht happens, and patient come with all sorts of anatomical variations and altered occlusions eg overerupted and tilted teeth that makes designing a good partial denture is hard. For me, I mean. And I have this big problem, since school, that when I don’t like a subject, I leave it for last, because reading and studying dislikeable subjects always end up with me snoring in the study room. Subjects like physics, and now prosthodontic. Huaaa….bila nak pandai kalau mcm ni..?

A little bit about dentistry. There are about 9 branches in dentistry, which I would explain very briefly...
1.preventive and community dentistry/ dental public health – about oral health issues in communities, focusing about oral health promotion and education.
2.paediatric dentistry/ pedodontic – concerning about children, their dentition, dentofacial growth and anomalies etc.
3.orthodontic – concerning with growth of face, development of dentition, prevention and correction of occlusal anomalies. Braces, is the type of orthodontic treatment.
4.endodontic – the branch in dentistry related with the pulp and periradicular area. Root canal treatment is the example of treatment.
5.restorative/conservative dentistry – restoring damaged tooth structure back to its functional and morphological state. Example doing fillings in teeth with amalgams ( the silver-black filling ), or tooth-coloured fillings like composite resin and glass ionomer cement.
6.periodontic – related with the supporting structures holding the tooth in the bone, that is the periodontal ligaments. Loosening and progressing tooth mobility in older ppl are related with periodontitis, inflammation and infection of the periodontal areas.
7.oral pathology and oral medicine- deals with pathology of mouth, oral lesions and oral manifestations from systemic diseases. Btw..do u know that 75% of AIDS patient have oral manifestations in the mouth…
8.oral surgery and maxillofacial – extractions, treatment of head and neck trauma injuries, involves the surgical treatment of the head and neck diseases and lesions. Example treating a motor-vehicle accidents patients who sustained injures to the face, eg jaw fracture.
9.and last but not least..prosthodontic...

There’s new addition, that is forensic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry ( this is more like conservative/restorative ).

Whatever it is naz, u have chose dentistry, so i must and should try my best to at least ‘pretend’ to like some parts in dentistry that I dont really like. And insyaAllah…step by step, bit by bit..i will be at least better in it than now. It’s a part of sthg I will be doing in life, so I must accept and try to find enjoyment in it. Or else, how am I going to enjoy my work later. I will and must find the ‘joy’ of prosthodontic, and concentrate on it. Who knows ..at the end of the day, I might even like making dentures…=]

The same goes when we have choose someone later, to be our life partner. There will be things about that person which might irk us. And some of our traits might annoy or irritate our spouse. But that’s how it is, right ?. We accept the person as a whole, taking in the good and the bad. If we are the ‘cleaning freak’ and our spouse are the type that doesn’t find messy room a big problem, never mind, don’t make a big fuss of it and turn everyday living into a catfight. Since u enjoy cleaning so much, u do the cleaning and ur partner can do the cooking or washing ;]. That’s what being a ‘partner’ is all about, working together as a team and sharing the workload.

I remember a discussion with my sister about this. Yes, we might never able to find a person who truly fits all the criterions we wish our future spouse would have. The important issue here, is we must be able to tolerate the ‘other side' of that person which we don’t really like. It actually differs between individuals and depends on what we view as important in life. What I mean by this is that, for me personally, I don’t think ill be able to tolerate someone who take ‘religion practice’ like sembahyang or puasa lightly. I can’t see my life next to someone who enjoys partying with friends till late at night, who makes 'goggling at woman' a hobby and put family second after 'personal entertainment'. And i dont want to tolerate LIARS too. If fundamentals things like ‘rukun islam’ are not part of his daily rituals or if his life is far too different from mine, it’ll clash with the way of life I want my children to have. But again, like I said, different ppl, have different views about this, and different aims in life.

Things like character and personalities are sthg we can’t really criticize much, it’s the variety and colours of life. Some ppl are taciturn and quiet, others are more loud and talkative. There are reasons why we are created not in the same mould,..or else life would be dull and bland. As for me, I enjoy observing the varieties of ppl's characters, making a mental note to myself that ‘no two person are alike’. And I believe that’s how it is. We don’t marry our mirror reflection, and we don’t hunt around looking for someone who thinks like us or agrees with all the words we said all the time.

..but as we are on the topic of 'tolerating',.. what if one person needs to sleep in pitch darkness with not a stir of noise, whereas the partner is the type that only can sleep with the lights on plus music blaring as backgound lullaby, ..hmm.. how to tolerate tht ehh..? eheheh..well then , maybe time will make u get used to it,..=]

...err…. how from prosthodontic I get to here…? =/


Adi Ramli said...

Jika kamu menadah air biarlah berpada, jangan terlalu mengharap pada takungannya dan janganlah menganggap ia begitu teguh.. Cukuplah sekadar keperluanmu.. Apabila sekali ia retak.. Tentu sukar untuk kamu menampalnya semula.. Akhirnya ia dibuang.. Sedangkan jika kamu cuba membaikinya mungkin ia masih boleh digunakan lagi..

Begitu juga jika kamu memiliki seseorang terima lah seadanya.. Janganlah kamu terlalu mengaguminya dan janganlah kamu menganggapnya begitu istimewa.. Anggaplah dia manusia biasa. Apabila sekali dia melakukan kesilapan bukan mudah bagi kamu untuk menerimanya.. Akhirnya kamu kecewa meninggalkannya. Sedangkan jika kamu memaafkannya boleh jadi hubungan kamu akan berterusan hingga ke akhirnya..

-Cetak rompak (copy paste tanpa izin) dari sapa ntah.. -

imah said...

hmm kak.. its alrite to not like some the things ure studying, dont force urself to like it- just study it with vengeance - and sometimes the fury is more powerful than love ;) . both are about passion anyways..
p/s: it always worked for me :P