04 July 2006

dont be a player ! = [

i just can't understand it..

" perempuan yg mudah perasan, atau lelaki yg main-mainkan perasaan..?"

okay, naz ..no generalisation please. Equally, both gender stand a fair chance of falling into someone easily, or jatuh 'perasan', whatever term to call it. Depends on how 'strong' we are in handling ourself. Though..yeah..being a woman, it's not that hard to 'melt' our rock-hard heart. Provided the right arrow is used. And maybe, shot by the right knight too..eheh.

Well, that's not point im getting to here. Have a tendency to stray away when i write..ehhe..

The same goes about being a 'playboy/girl'. I used to think that only guys are the one who enjoy playing and toying with a woman's heart. Naah..not anymore. Dunno what happened to woman's once very valued loyalty to their man. Some women are just as bad as some guys, .." player..player ". OR is it their fickleness, unable to set mind on one person, inability to make a decision..?

If u cant make up ur mind, dont give hope. If u are still not sure, dont play with ppl's feelings. The cruellest thing a guy can do to a girl is to make her soar high with hopes but doesnt intend to catch her when she falls, and vice versa. I alwys said this to myself, and to friends around me.." when it's friendship, be a friend...". Dont get urself confused by the vague definition between 'friend' and 'more thn friend', esp when they're ur good friends. There should be no problem if both parties know exactly where they stand. Set the record straight, have some boundaries..dont get urself entangled with love confusion or 'love triangle-rectangular' mess..it makes the process of getting to know each other less..fun, i think...

And one thing im very curious about, what do they feel, when they look in the eyes of one person, yet at the same time planning to say the same sentence to their tomorrow's date..? How can they feel happy lavishing their love ( or is it really love, God knows..) and romantic affection to so many ppl..? Dont they feel guilty..? Or is it im the one who's so serious about this matter,..when for some ppl.." it's all for the fun, when we still can choose ..". Ohh..really, so that's how some ppl see it ehh..

I dunno, different ppl, different way of thinking i guess. It just..call me 'kolot', ''old lady' or conservative or whatever..but i believe there should be a line between that two. When it's 'just friends', treat it like just friends. When u are still uncertain about what ur heart wants..dont go around flirting, make friends and be friends with many ppl, and get to know them on a friendship basis. Until finally u found someone who u think is 'the one', then u concentrate on him/her. Save the 'flirting moment' only for that person..dunno-lah., because i think some things, some words, ..should only be reserved for tht special someone.

Haihh..i think ive talked about this before, hmm..am i boring u ppl..? It's just..there's this thing on my mind, and i cant help but to think about it. To guys..dont make a woman 'perasan' if all u want is friendship. But maybe too, he doesnt realise that he's sending false signals, hmm...And to us woman, try not to entertain our feelings too much smtmes,..sure, plan ahead, but avoid dreaming too high, unless things are already pretty much clearer...okeh..?

Why am i talking about this, suddenly turning into a relationship expert once again?...Because of a friend, wonder how she's doing right now..? I really want to blame the guy, but i couldnt. Is it my girl friend who's been 'perasan' with his normal friendship gesture, or it's the guy who was the 'player' all along..? I stared at his back as he walk next to his another girlfriend ( i think !), which he declared as the 'serious' one..and wonder to myself.." are all guys like him..?". Thinking about my friend's excitement telling me about him, i really feel like i want to punch his face. A real hard punch.

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