15 July 2006



A common saying ‘waiting is torturing' (penantian satu penyiksaan). Yeah..it is in certain situation, like when u are running late to go somewhere, but have to wait through gritted teeth for a veeerrrrry slow friend. And at the end, u are both late. In this case, the torture inside is to control the urge from shouting in anger to that ‘snail’ friend of urs but u can’t u do that. The fight to remain calm when u feel like ‘strangling’ tht person who makes u late for sthg important, with no acceptable or valid reason other than “..alaa..belum gosok baju…lah..”

And it kills too, when u have expected something to come, or to happen. How to explain this..hmm..like when u know someone is coming, and u had prepared everything. As u wait, u keep glancing at the clock and said to urself “ okay, another hour to go.” . And if that person is late, u would say..” okay, another 2 second, maybe it’s traffic jam..”. But that person never turned up. It tortures you..because u have expect that person to come, and was mentally hoping for it.

Waiting is sthg im used to since kid. When I was 6, I would wait for my big sister to come back from school. ( as I quit my tadika and have to stay at home, =/ ). Everyday. And would drool enviously listening to her stories about her days at school, her friends, ..and couldn’t wait to start going to school myself. (hehe..kakak..now I realise, I begin ‘following’ u since then.=p)

And when I was at CBN, again, I would wait patiently for my dad to come pick us up. ( when we had to stay back for the curricular activity, or when we missed our school bus due to one person’s ‘skema-ness’ who rigorously clean her classroom in spite of her two sisters disapproving and impatient glare ! =p). As I wait for my dad’s red Ford Laser, to kill the time, I counted the number of cars passing in front of me. I played with the bunch of keychains tangling at my pencil case or played ‘batu seremban’, the favorite game back during tht time. And it was within that period of waiting too, that i developed the habit of observing ppl from far. The thing about me is when I wait, I really wait. Not going anywhere, as I was scared that if i wander around, he would arrive and have trouble to find us.

And up until now, i still do the ‘waiting’. I have to wait for the bus, or the train. I wait for my friends to finish their shopping (err..actually it’s alwys the other way round..ehehe). Waiting for a call. Waiting for the right time to say or do sthg. Waiting is practically something we do all our life. And it's not that tormenting, provided we dont fret or grumble during the waiting period, and use the time to do sthg useful. (yeah2..easier said than done..i know.)

How to make waiting not too torturing..?
- think positive thoughts while u wait. Kill negative images or words which haunts by repeating to urself that.."everything's going to turn out allright..". Reassure urself when worriness surrounds you. Invite in only positive and kind words..trust me, it helps ..

-Instead of frowning and grumbling away, cursing the person or thing that makes u wait, share ur smile with the ppl around or who's waiting along with u at the bus stop. It brightens ur face, helps to cheer other ppl's mundane mood and u get pahala as well..=].. A smile from ur heart..!

-Keep urself busy ( though i know, it's really hard to concentrate on anything, esp when u are waiting for a call ). Clean ur room, read a book ( make sure it's a really interesting book! ), basically do whatever u could to avoid staring at the clock.

- if u are waiting for someone at public places, try 'people-watching'. No dodgily-staring at people, please..just subtly look, and let ur mind work, making a story about that person's life. Who is he..? What kind of work he's doing, judging from what ur eyes see, ..it can be quite interesting..and it helps to kill the time..

There are other ways, to make waiting not such a bad thing. Just, dont lose hope while u are waiting. The train will arrive, the person will come..it's just the matter of time. And if the person whom u are anticipatingly waited for fail to make an appearance, or late..tell urself that he/she doesnt intend to do so. There has to be a reason to why it happens. Rationalise the situation,,and u'll feel better.

" kalau kita menunggu dengan sabar, perkara baik akan menyusul..."

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