21 July 2006

lesson in life


i alwys try my best to see the good in every ppl. When someone did sthg that hurt me, i would think, " this person didnt intend to do this, i must be over-ly sensitive here.." And it will end there, no hard feelings whatsoever. When someone point out finger at a person, saying all sorts of accusation and negative remarks about him/her..i would not believe or accept the words based solely on what i hear. Until the evidence are laid in front of my eyes, or that person claimed by others as nasty, do sthg to me, that makes me can't find any other way to see him/her as nice or harmless anymore.

And i've learnt, that some ppl are just plain nasty. When they want things to go their way, they'll do anything they could. Either they show their bitchiness or nastiness openly, or they mask their real intention with kindness. And the latter is the tricky one ,'cos u just dunno what's their hidden agenda and that makes them sort of dangerous, especially for some trusting, blurr and clueless ppl. If only they would just show their true colours, instead of putting a sweet face but at the same time killing u softly inside, attacking ur most vulnerable part and draw clouds in ur mind, as they played their game, watching u fall into their trap. There is only one word i can use to describe this type of people, they are 'cunning manipulator'.

No matter how u try to be positive, hope that u could kill the negative thoughts, sadly.. their nastiness just keep repeating itself in front of u, and u just have to give up trying.

One advice, avoid this type of people. They suck the energy out of u, leaving u feeling rotten and terrible. One thing for sure, they are not to be trusted. And what worrying is, the words they said, the psychological attack they implied on u..cause a permanent damage to ur once 'neutral' mind. If u let it be.

"... learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.."


Adi Ramli said...

Ada org pernah kata kat aku, orang yg "tarik semangat kita" (suck the energy out of you) tu dipanggil sebagai "manusia toksid". Sebab pancaran radioaktif dia itu mencemarkan dan melemahkan semangat kita.

Orang sebegitu memang patut dielakkan. Malah, kita sendiri yang kena lari daripada dia. Ini kerana kalau kita datang kerja dengan semangat 100%, dia tarik keluar 20% semangat kita keluar setiap kali kita tengok muka dia. Maka yang tinggal dah jadi 80%. Kena kalau 5 kali kita jumpa dia, lagi naya.. Semua semangat kita utk bekerja dia dah sedut, maka kita takde semangat nak bekerja. :)

Kalau dia jenis boleh tangkap dan membaca tindakan kita, pasti dia tau kita tak berkenan dengan dia, maka dia akan berusaha untuk berubah. Tapi kalau dia jenis benak tak reti bahasa jugak, maka kita kena lari daripada dia secara berterusan for the sake of protecting our mood and semangat bekerja (bukan sebab tak suka atau benci dia). Hahahah..

Tapi terpulanglah.. Lain orang, lain cara. Kuih mungkin sama, tapi acuan mungkin berbeza. Ada yg lebih senang lari. Ada yang lebih senang confront. Ikut mana yg sesuai..

Sekadar pandangan..

justme said...

hmm...thanks, =]

'manusia toksid' ehh...