17 July 2006


woke up this morning with a troubling light-headedness, feels like the world is moving and had to close my eyes to reduce the nauseated feeling. What a way to start the day...hmm..

Not a bit of energy, more else enthusiasm, hmm..( nothing to be enthusiastic about anyway..). With the allergy manifesting itself early morning, and the bugging dizziness,..dragging my feet around the house seems like an acceptable thing to do. And now here i am, staring at the comp, racking my brain to complete my mom's 15 pages essay..(and btw, who in the world is 'rajin' enuff to read an essay tht long..? )

and i dont know what's wrong with me now but im turning into a forgetful, absent-minded woman..who is so unlike me. ( oohh..here's the drama queen, im exaggerating, ok ..it's not tht bad..=p ). But seriously..i used to know exactly where all my things are, from the smallest of thing like eraser or paperclips. Seldom have problem with losing or misplacing things as im quite particular with my stuffs. But i dunno, in less than a month, ive lost two things, okay..accurately speaking, i dont know where i put them. Been poking my head around the house, looking for it but to no avail, and im geting really frustrated. I cant even retrieve the last time i hold the CD or the EPO ( it's evening primrose oil..). Usually if i lose things, i would sit quietly and try to recall the last time i see it, and would follow the track that would lead me to it. Been trying the method, but ..no sign of success yet. Haihh..something must be occupying my mind totally..( or..is it someone..?hmm )

orait2..time to start working on the essay. What's 'minda kelas pertama' anyway..when u dont really understand the topic, how to write..?

Two weddings to attend,..another gift-hunting session, ..hmm..i like shopping, or going out window-shopping. But to buy a gift, it takes forever for me..!

orait..the essay naz..!

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