20 July 2006


" kita tak boleh nak terlalu baik, kerana kita akan dijadikan mangsa orang lain.."
" tak boleh lurus sangat dlm hidup nih, kak ..nanti orang pijak.."

Among a few of my father’s words to me, quite an unlikely advice from a father ..hehe, but considering he knows his daughter best ...

Lurus. Or terlalu jujur. Aren’t honesty is regarded as ‘mulia’ and were taught to us since primary school. To be honest..

I never really see myself as an ‘honest’ or jujur person. I only try to be the best human that I can. I always said to myself, “ treat ppl the way u want them to treat you ”. But..sadly, the world is not ‘kind’ enough for us to adopt that 'naive' thinking all the time. Even when the inside of you want to smile, at certain places and to some ppl, u just have to put a serious, no-nonsense expression to prevent you from being toyed around their finger. Sthg which im still learning a lot myself.

If only people are more honest to one another, no lies or back-stabbing, no twisted statements or breaching trust, no self-centeredness or manipulations of others for personal gain..hmm, if every homo sapiens in this world are that saint, maybe we can even invite strangers home for a chat. And businesses can be run without putting elements of ‘white lies’ to make it work. Heh…dream on, naz..the world of kindness, is that too much to ask..? Recalling what my father said when I grumbled to him years ago "...kenapalah nak diadakan org jahat dlm dunia nih..?” His brief response to my query was "..kalau tak, takdelah pulak syurga neraka…”. Hmm..make sense.

I really want to teach my kids ( insyaAllah, one day..) to smile and politely greet people they meet along the way. I want them to know that it’s okay to accept stranger’s kind gesture and repay the generousity, so that they would grow up as a person with kind thoughts to others, to alwys ‘berbaik sangka’. I want them to be a good human being, be humble and nice to other people and spread kindness around them. But....considering the state of our world nowadays which is no longer safe..let just hope that we wouldn’t have to lock up our kids in the house in order to protect them from the dangers of cold-blooded humans!

May our future promise us better days of peace and harmony..amiin.

" Honesty is the best policy, but there's no harm to dodge around a little "..( oh really..? hmm...i dunno, quite disagree with this )


imah said...

"it’s okay to accept stranger’s kind gesture"
KAK!!! dont let ur cute little kids talk to dodgy strangers!!!!

justme said...

heheheh..thanks for the concern, of course i wont...=]

that's just an exaggerated way of saying it, ..no worries, imah..knowing my tendency to be an extreme worrywart,..let just hope i wont be an overprotective mother to them..;/