31 July 2006

trivial facts

I found out a few things about myself. A self-realisation..? Dunno..tht sound too grand....eheheheh.

like alwys, i went out alone today. Spent the first few hours seeing DrX, yeah yeah..it's the allergy again. Alhamdulillah, it's geting better. Looks like i still need him, ops..i mean the pharmacalogical help....=p. Maybe i really should start thinking of finding a fresher air somewhere else, far away from this not-so-healthy environment. And after tht, spend some time in my fav place, Borders. Yeap. Where else. And make friend with the security guard, who every 2 second lingered around the bench i was sitting probably thinking.." when is this girl gonna purchase this book she's hogging for hours..?" Heh. He came to me, asking a few detective quesions. I think someone must have stolen sthg nearby, which i was unaware and oblivious about, quite engrossed with the book im reading. "..noo..i didnt see anything. No. didnt realise tht either..". Hehe..Me, a witness at a crime scene, unfortunately, not much help given.

oohh. ok....back to the point, the few things i learn about myself.

1. I used to avoid reading in moving transport, because it would make me feel quite dizzy. But today, i read in the monorail, and no, i didnt feel any dizziness at all. Hmm. Maybe because it's a novel, not a newspaper, with small letters which i really have to strain my eyes on each. Plus it's quite hard as i keep getting lost . Nevermind. ill just read novel next time. =]

2. And i realised tht i dont mind going out without any make-ups on. Hmm. Usually i'll at least put some moisturiser or foundation and smudge some lipgloss on, but today, i just wear my headscarf and out i go. Ok,ok.. u are right, because i was late, ehehe..and also because of the allergy flaring up on my face.., so make-ups are forbidden. Heh, still i can go all the way to TimesSquare. Bravo naz. = !

2. I used to think too that im not able to read and eat at the same time, it's hard to focus on either. But when u go out alone, and u feel hungry, and need to find an eatery... eating alone and not doing anything makes u look at ppl around, and ppl look at u. Suddenly, the uncomfortable feeling will ..yeah, smtmes. So.. read and eat. Not bad. Not that hard to focus, naz.. And i realise it makes u eat a lot more than u are supposed to,..'cos tetiba je.."aikk,,dh habis..?". The food, i mean..ehehe. And, knowing myself, i would want to avoid reading my kakak's book while i eat, cos..eheh, i dunno when my klutziness will show. Staining her books with coffee or ketchup..hmm, let just say that'll be the end of my borrowing her precious novels. eheheh.

4. i really, really like Aunt Anne's pretzel. Really like. =]

5. i alwys know tht i have a terrible sense of direction. But getting lost in department store, is simply, utterly unacceptable. Like when im out alone, i would pretend tht im looking for someone when the actual truth is im looking for my way out, or any possible recognisable alleys which would bring me out safely. And if im out with a friend, and we got separated in the mall, they would call my hp asking of my whereabouts..and answers like.." ermm.. im not really sure where actually ..ermm, im standing between the pots and pans, and a huge brown carpet , and there's this big sign of bla bla bla..." would come out =/.

6. ooh..and now, i like Kenny Rogers Roasters too. Just mentioning its name, my tummy grumble furiously...yummy! =D

7. and i dont like a marzipan taste =[

8. yeah..i am quite 'kolot' and way too careful about many things. Not that i dont realise this one fact before, but..when sthg happens, it makes me more certain of my 'kekolotan' or my reserved-ness..eheheh. Dunno-lah. It's just how or who i am, i think. Things like, not giving away my phone numbers easily, and alwys finding excuse to avoid meeting up some ppl, which im not comfortable at doing..( im sorry ), or when i sense tht....." uh-oh, this might lead to somewhere u dont want urself to be in..". Im not an anti-social, if tht's what u are thinking, it just,...smtmes, i tend to weigh the pros-and-cons of my action too much, and if the cons are more, i prefer not doing it. Avoid having complications and problems later on. Am i being too careful with life..? Hmm..maybe i should re-think about this one fact, try to be more be open to opportunities and options. To take more risks in life. And think less...naz, worry less...that is.

...okay, enuff blogging for today..bye everyone! =D

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