01 September 2006

sedang ingin bercinta

Dah lama nak tulis tentang perkara ini, tapi dulu aku belum begitu memahami tentang keadaan ini. Rasanya sekarang ..dah fahamlah sikit2..=]

" setiap ada kamu, mengapa jantung ku
berdetak lebih kencang
seperti genderang mahu perang

setiap ada kamu, mengapa darah ku
mengalir lebih cepat
dari hujung kaki ke hujung kepala..

setiap ada kamu, otakku berfikir
bagaimana caranya
untuk berdua bersama kamu......"

- 'Sedang Ingin Bercinta' - DEWA

Sedang aku berfikir-fikir tentang perkara ni, wondering about why this happens, di mana silapnye..blabla, Tiba-tiba terdengar lagu ni dimainkan di tv. Ahh..maybe that's the sign, .. i better write about this now. Before i lost the moment.

Pemandangan biasa atas LRT, memandangkan aku adalah salah seorg 'penyumbang utama' kemajuan ekonomi LRT (haha), jadi aku dah lali melihat telatah remaja-remaja muda, yang aku rasa..berumur 15 thn ? 17 thn? or maybe younger than tht.. Hmm. If I see adults being lovey-dovey in public places, automatically my mind would think .." ni husband and wife nih..". Berbaik sangka is better. As i have no problem with married Muslim couples showing affection in public places, plus i congratulate them ( silently, tht is..eheh), for not being afraid to let ppl know that they're in love. With their spouse, who's lawfully theirs bound together under Allah' s name. But when it's the young, 'ubun-ubun masih lembut' girls and boys, clinging to each other, hugging tightly with the boy's hand exploring the curves and resting at the girl's b**t, i just can't bring myself to berbaik sangka and think that this is a married couple, which is hard to even pretend it's true. Some of these youngsters look so young to be called a secondary student. And wht saddened me most are the girls. They look so sweet and pretty clad in headscarves, but....hmmm. Maybe 'tudung' now is only a fashion ehh..? It means nothing other than just a piece of cloth on ur head.

Okay....take a deep breath, naz. I dont like when my emotions control my writing (and im very emotional since yesterday..for some reasons..). But everytime i go out and witness these scenes in front of my eyes , i can't help but ask myself..what are these 'young couples' thinking? That this love of theirs ( or their so-claimed love ) ..gonna bring them far, that they'll get married in the next 10-15 years and live happily ever after, like wht they see in movies..? And i wonder, do their parents know about this, that their daughter is in the arms of one 'hingus belum kering' boy, whose briefs still bought by his mom..? ( opsie ). Sorry if i sound too harsh or cynical,..but, really...what is wrong here? Is it our education system, too much politic and bleah bleahh instead of really educating the students..? Or our society, busy bickering about trivial matters other thn focusing energy on real, important issues..? Or our family institution..? Some ppl plainly answer me by saying.. " dunia dh akhir zaman, naz..nak buat mcmana.."

I might be one very skema student back during my schooling years, ( err..and maybe still am now..). But i was a normal growing teenager too, and I know how it feels to like someone at tht age. I dont say tht first love at the age of 16-17 wont last long, one of my friends got married with her first love. And it happens all the time too. It just..tht's not the point here..the thing is about the behaviours of these young Muslim teenagers, who are in the 'sedang-ingin-bercinta' stage. Who's acting like the world is theirs, oblivious to the annoyed and frowned looks from elderly-s around them in LRT.( err..tht exclude me, im not tht old..=p). If this is how our generations are right now, i can't imagine wht the future holds for us, the pictures of youngsters making out in public..?

Sometimes, i feel like approaching these young girls and pull them aside, saving them from being too far drowned in the flood of their so-called-love. It's not your time yet, girl..there's someone better waiting for u down the road, trust me. Dont waste your youth with someone not worthy of ur love and time. Dont ruin urself, ur dignity, ur family name..most importantly dont do sthg tht's against our religion teachings. Have some self-worth. A good man wouldn't treat a woman they wish to make a wife tht way, rubbing here and touching there. A good man knows how to control the urges...and oh yeah, plus the fact that the boy's too young to be called a man yet. If u really like each other....it's ok, keep the relationship, there's no harm in doing tht. Nurture the friendship, support, motivate and challenge one another in studies, secure a place in a good uni, and be the best of friends till the right time comes. Having a girl/boyfriend is not a bad thing, it only becomes bad when u make it look ugly and dirty by smooching each other like tht. Especially when we know it is forbidden in our religion, without the 'ijab and kabul' to make it permissible.

When u are in the 'sedang-ingin-bercinta' stage, when u like someone so much that being close to tht person makes u go.... hmmm.. 'kalau tak kuat dalam, memang tumbang.' Well..for us Muslims, we have rules, so stick to it. The rules are there for a reason, to protect us weak humans. I think the most important thing is, to always 'Ingat Tuhan, Takut Tuhan'. Itu shj. Mudah kan..?

And besides, one thing tht maybe this young couples dont yet seem to realise, is that they still have a veryy loong road in front of them, a journey that yet to be discovered. Who knows wht God has in store for u..., dont ruin ur chances. Study hard, be a good person, ..insyaAllah..." kalau kita menunggu dengan sabar, perkara baik akan menyusul.." =]. No rushy, still a loong way to go , kid...


ghoyye said...

haha Naz! i was about to write something similar like this one... my experience going back to Malaysia for the first time in two years. but i just cudn't find the time to write *sheesh*

but on a serious note, i find it annoying too. i mean, come on! remaja zaman sekarang has becoming more and more kebaratan. we try as much as we could to bersangka baik but sometimes, it just doesn't fit the whole picture!

the worst part is, i honestly don't know who's to blame for this :s

justme said...

ehheh, i bet u can write better thn me bout this issue, less emotional and more objective maybe ?..=]

..when there's no one to blame, ministers raise their accusing finger to the parents, and parents blame teachers and education system .., everybody finding a scapegoat to this increasing society probs.... *sigh..

nuzray said...

u r in love, arent u? ;p

justme said...

well, nuzray...

how to answer tht ehh....hmmmmm.....