13 June 2005

know me..=]

it’s been a while rite? Miss me..? =p..

today, I want to tell a bit about myself, my favourites.., what I like, what I don’t like. No particular reason, just finding an excuse to write.

Okay..let the journey begins..( hehehe )..

About me..? – hmm, as far as u all been reading my blog, surely u know a little bit bout me by now..just a normal, plain female, who likes to dream, ponder about things in my head, who likes to make theories to satisfy myself, who loves her family with all heart. I like to believe that this world is a kind place..( and tu yg buat mak ayah risau and susah nak lepas..=/). I dont think a lot of ppl realy know me, they only see the serious, skema woman outside, the inner part of me, the childish, excited girl jumping around..are mostly concealed.

favourite flavour - chocolate!!!

favourite colour – this is easy, and very obvious. Apa kakak..? pandai..brown, anything brown, light beige, dark brown..light yellow is nice as well..earth colour ..hmm..

favourite place – hmm..of course, home, where else. My room in college, I can spend days in it, not going anywhere. And if I go out, I like to go and read ‘free books’ at kinokuniya, mph…where there will be no salesperson coming and linger around you. Where I can sit down and read as much as I can. With classical music filling the area, life is heaven. I like going out on public transport, buses, lrts,to anywhere, and watch people.. a sense of live is felt. And if i go out, suka ikut kaki..jalan jelah…and balik bilik, rs mcm nak tercabut kaki, but the journey tuh..amazing..Suka jugak window shop..pergi try2 kasut, belek2 baju, ( duit takde pun..), and ..stuffs like that..

favourite music – Actually berubah mengikut mood jugak nih…but basically, i like instrumental, classical type songs.. plus, siti nurhaliza’s voice, celine dion’s, those who possess true, beautiful, breathtaking voice,and I find myself interested in Japanese songs as well ( wpun ramai yg komen, ‘ bukannya fhm pun !’ ..tak kisah lah, suka jugakk..). Suka lagu2 lama…60's,70's..

favourite movie - Sgt suka cerita yg based on true story or history of a country, stories that involves family matters.I choose Asian movies over westerns,..meanings I like Chinese, japans, Korean movies..bla2. I prefer kungfu-action-packed movie than animation/cartoons movies. Suka JetLi’s, Jackie Chan’s..melopong tgk kungfu diorg. Although a sense of romance can make me smile like a stupid girl throughout the movie, hmm..this kind of movie, is only for one-time watch, besides I hate the fact that I tend to believe in it..=/. And currently, TAE GUK GI, is on top of the list..Go Jang Dong Gun! ( he’s a trully good actor, plus a real man..heheh ).

Favourite food – hahah, this one is hard, because I like to eat, so..to find one that is my favourite ..tu susah sketlah. Dan jugak it changes with mood and zaman.Cendol+pulut best. Soto best. Kuah lodeh best.COKLAT best!! ( but not with the fruits tuh..tak ‘masuk’lah kismis dgn coklat..).Bnyklah..x terkata.=D

Klah..yg lain2 tuh, u have to get to know it urselflah, besides, there’ll be no mystery left kalau sume dh tahu ehh..heheh..

Enuff of time wasting..bye!

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