22 January 2006

For Muslim to ponder

Ermm. Before I start, I must say im no expert in this, and I welcome feedbacks, and comments, or corrections if there’s any points here which are wrong. It just tht, I feel it’s important to share what I know and stand corrected if what I said here is not right.

I don’t know whether u readers notice it or not, that there are some scenes especially in Malay dramas which I think can affect indirectly our akidah. Not to the extreme that’ll make one to be murtad, but it’s not good to have this kind of belief. Example, if a glass suddenly slipped off from hand and shatters on the floor, or someone accidentally had a needleprick when sewing, or cutting ones finger in the kitchen or things like tht, it indicates ‘petanda buruk’/bad omen that someone will die or sthg bad will happen after tht. Everytime a scene like this appeared on tv, and im watching with my father, he would sigh for the zillionth times saying "... org Melayu nih, bnyk khurafat betullah..”.

Another example is when someone died, it’s like a compulsory question for the reporters in Malaysia to ask the family members “ ada apa2 perangai atau kelakuan pelik si mati sebelum hari kematiannya..?” Why would a question like tht be asked in the first place..and then,all sorts of weird and funny answers will come up. “ dia nampak lebih manja dgn saya dan taknak berenggang dgn saya” or “ arwah kelihatan murung 2-3 hari sblm hari matinya..”. Then, if anyone who looked sad or acting differently, like if before he never kisses his mother and suddenly he kissed, meanings that he’s gonna die soon ? OR what if before he never wakes up early to catch his Subuh, and when one day he finally did, does it mean he's about to kiss goodbye ? OR if before he never likes the colour red, and suddenly he likes it and wear a red shirt, does it indicate a bad omen..?

No..please dont think this way and don’t even ask the questions above. It’ll make ppl believe that’s it’s true, when the actual fact is that we don’t know, and will never know how or when death gonna come knocking on our door. Aren’t death are Allah’s secret, kept hidden from our knowing so we will alwys be prepared and not to have constant worriness that’ll cause us living in misery. What I mean by constant worrying is that, if we know we are going to die hit by a car on a certain date, are we ever able to breathe normal? No, our life will be like living hell. That’s among the hikmah of us not knowing, other than Allah wants us to berusaha in life, because we don’t know what’ll happen to us tomorrow. So, work to make a good tomorrow. IF we know, that we will be married in a certain year, surely, knowing human’s nature, we will only be sitting lazily waiting for tht day to come. What’s the point of waking up in the morning if we already know what to happen.. ?That’s the beauty of Islam, some things are not for us to find out by prying our nose asking questions like tht.

I remembered back in school ( haha ..opening up girls’ secret..), there was this one time when we huddled in the study room and start inspecting our hands, looking at the details of each lines, and make predictions. All sorts of silly predictions, like ‘pangkal nama bakal suami’ or ‘umur berapa akan kahwin’ or ntahapa2 lah lagi. And then we laughed and compared our ‘findings’ with one another. (yeah2..beneficial activities in the study room ). When my father found out, he forbade me to ever indulge in such things again.
alah..ayah, main2 je, bukannya kak percaya pun…heheh," (sheepishly hiding my embarassment for being ‘gatal’ to predict my husband’s pangkal nama when I was suppossed to be studying )
Tak boleh kak, yg awalnya nak main2 dan suka2 tu lah, dibimbangkan akan buat kita terpercaya. Ni lebih kurang menilik nasib lah namanya..syirik tahu tak menilik nasib nih..”
Gulp. Syirik? Astaghfirullah…minta dijauhkan Tuhan.

Recaling that moments now, my father had a point. Yeah, mulut boleh kata main2, tapi dek kelemahan iman kita dgn cocok2 jarum syaitan lagi, memang mudah nak terpercaya dgn bende2 mcm ni. Kita minta dipelihara drpd bende2 kecil di sekitar kita yg sebenarnya salah di sisi agama, lebih merisaukan sekiranya ia melibatkan sampai dosa syirik, wal’ia zubillah.

So..the point is, don’t pry in things like mentioned above or which have any similarities to it. Don’t go trying to assume or make predictions about things in the future which is not in our ability to find out. Ajal maut, rezeki, jodoh adalah ilmu dan rahsia Tuhan, apa yg kita manusia boleh buat ialah berdoa dan berusaha, itu sahaja, di samping berbaik sangka bahawa Tuhan sentiasa memberikan yg terbaik utk kita.

Maksud Surah Luqman, ayat 34 :
" Sesungguhnya Allah, hanya pada sisi-Nya sajalah pengetahuan tentang hari kiamat, dan Dia-lah yang menurunkan hujan, dan mengetahui apa yg ada dalam rahim. Dan tiada seorang pun yang dapat mengetahui ( dgn pasti ) apa yg akan dilakukannya esok. Dan tiada seorang pun yang dapat mengetahui di bumi manakah dia akan mati. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Mengenal.."


ghoyye said...

yes, i cudn't agree more with what you said. those things can lead to being astray from the true path.

however, i think the ones yg kuar in movies or dramas tuh are trying to depict the reality in Malay's culture. in some sense, it's good since parents (like yours) can be more aware and tell their children those things are not good. imagine if kalo takde bende2 tuh, children won't know that it is actually wrong. and since they don't know it's wrong, they might end up percaya dgn bende2 tuh.

well all i want to say is: yes, reality can be misleading. but that's just what is happening around us. sometimes certain things are not meant untuk diajar, but they are just plain reality. in the end, it's up to us jugak to decide which things are right, which things aren't.

[ooppss terlebih panjang plak komentar! ;p]

bukhari said...

i also realized lately that whenever somebody died, reporters asked that died body's closed relatives about something strange that arwah had done.

I don't think when somebody did strange thing, that will be bad omen.. it's just like somebody who will die, maybe something strange that even the owner of the body will not recognized.. i just read once somewhere.. i'm not sure about this..

But still i heard that, ther were one great imam, before he died, he feel that his maut is very near. And He prepare everything, fasting so that his stomach will not fill with much foods, take bath and etc..and then he die. but i think this is the honour that Allah give for some person who very near to Him. The fact is that, Only Allah knows about the real time of every being's death time. wallahu'alam..