01 January 2006

kursus kahwin

Went to ‘kursus kahwin’ at Plaza Warisan, near Puduraya last two weeks. It’s kursus kahwin, alright…, but no wedding bells ringing yet, still single, yes I am. Saja pergi. My mom was practically shooing me to go when I told her im going there ( ehhe ). The thing that attracted me to go, was because we went in groups of 20++ ppl. Going with that crowd of friends make kursus kahwin seems more fun to my eyes, besides the fact that my friend bribed me by saying that starting nextyear onwards the ‘kursus’ going to be tougher and harder to pass, and also we get student price, who knows nextyear it’ll be more expensive, and the certificate last a lifetime ..and bla2. So, I went.

But, a few days before the day, a friend wavered my decision by saying ,".. aren’t kursus kahwin supposed to be special, the kind of thing couples do together, in the spirit of getting married and preparing their next life as husband -wife. What if ur ‘bakal suami’ haven’t yet attend this kursus, nanti dia kena gi sorg2 esok..”. Hmm..betul jugak tuh, kesian pulak nanti kat dia. Let just hope my future husband has already attended the kursus ok.

And, alhamdulillah.That’s how I conclude it. I didn’t regret going and quite glad that I decided to go along. I learnt many things i never knew, and didn’t bother to know before. Some speakers got very ‘into detail’, perhaps thinking that all participants are ‘bakal suami/isteri’. Some of them even wished ‘selamat pengantin baru’ at the end of their talk, causing me and other single-ton friend of mine glancing amusedly at one another. One of the speakers blurted out my singlehood news by pointing at me and asked ( of all ppl in that room, why did he has to pick me..?) “saudari dh bertunang?”. Erk.Gulp. Emm.“ belum”. I could feel eyes started to focus on me, and the penceramah ‘trying to make me feel better’ by saying ".. ahh....barangkali saudari ini nak menambah ilmu dia, baguslah.”. Yeah..thanks.

Actually, the whole thing is ‘majlis ilmu agama’. Recalling some of the basic stuffs we learn in school, and mostly forgotten by now. We were taught how to be good husbands and wife according to Islam teaching, what are the 'hak dan tanggungjawab' expected and other stuffs, like communication in marriage, how to handle conflicts, etc. It was all 'talks and lectures', can be quite a bore if the penceramah speaks monotonously, with no jokes and laughs between lines...hhehe.

Ohh..and there this one guy,(a MALAY guy, let me stress on that) which nearly 'kill' us all with his idiotic act. ( im sorry for the harsh words used, can't think of better way to describe him.). He was hooting out silly answers from the back of class all the time, interrupting the lecturers impolitely, plus the guffawing ..urrghh, he is such a pathetic attention-seeker ! At one point he was really over the line, rudely shouting answers and disturbing the lecturer in front that made me turned sharply to shot dirty look at him, i was seething in anger. I couldnt believe that there would be a guy at his age, who came for kursus kahwin ..but act like 'org tak pernah sekolah'. He was embarrasing himself, he embarrased the Malays, and most of all, he didnt seem to care about his fiancee/ makwe feeling who was there in the room. If im in her place, keluar aje dari pintu kursus, 'kensel'!! What was he trying to prove anyway..his stupidity..?! Well, he succeeded in doing that, that's for sure. Sorry for this sudden out-burst..im just so angry!!! Please, to everyone..dont do that, dont be like that. It will only make u look downright stupid and uncivilised. And u are representing ur race, ur agama..have some pride and dignity-lah.. =(

fuuh...better stop now, or ill be boiling all over again. Anyway..apart from having a 'disturbing fly' in our class, the kursus was all over wonderful. And one thing i would like to share with everyone, ..( ehhe, since dh tahu kan, jd rs nak cerita skettlah). Emm..one of the penceramah asked.." apa tujuan kamu semua nak berkahwin.?" which was greeted with murmurs of answers from the participants.
"Fitrah manusia ..ustaz" =].
"Sebab nak anak.. ustaz, nak sambung zuriat.." =).
"sebab kita sayang dialah.. ustaz.." ;>

The ustaz smiled ,..shook his head and said.." Kerana nak mendapatkan 'mawaddah wa rahmah',..yg dapat kita perolehi dlm perkahwinan..". Janji Allah, dalam surah ar-Ruum, ayat 21, i think ive written down this piece of ayat in one of my entries..look up for urself ,ok...

Yang menjadikan perkahwinan itu syurga dunia.' Mawaddah wa Rahmah'..hmm..

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