31 December 2005

last hours in 2005

salaam everybody...=]

wow..can't believe it's almost two weeks since my last entry.( knowing my unrestrainable desire to write..). Lots of things happenned within that time, and insyaAllah, some of it will be shared with all of you here. Still with me..? =]

it's 4 hours towards the new year of 2006. Hmm..2006, we are approaching another year,.. saying that, it occurs to me, where were all the days gone, what have i accomplished this year..? It just felt like yesterday, when i was sitting here, writing about new resolutions, hopes and dreams for 2005, and here we are, at the end of it. The clock must be ticking faster than ever...recalling a saying i read somewhere, " life is like toilet paper, the nearer it gets to its end, the faster it rolls..".

Remember i wrote in here some times ago about '100 things i want to do before 2005 ends'..? Heheh..let just say, it was not very successful, i didnt even manage to list out the 100 things, more else having done it all. One of my friends said,.." it's because u are so busy thinking of 'big' things that u want to do, rather than looking and realising the 'small' things that u could do and achieve...". Guess she got a point there. Hmm..so, how about a new list for 2006 ehh naz..?

next year ( which will be here in a few hours)..i will be older, and hopefully wiser,,(it reminds me of a 'cliche' statement 'a year older, a year wiser', where do that comes from..?). Ill be 24 years old in March, and insyaAllah..will begin my working life probably in August or Sept ( pray for me fellas..!). Entah masih hidup atau tidak masa tu. Entah masih dikurnia peluang dan diberi kesempatan. Semoga kita semua dipanjangkan usia dlm keberkatan, dilimpahkan kemurahan rezeki, diberi kesihatan yg baik, kita menjadi anak, kakak, abang, kawan, ibu, bapa, suami, isteri...yg lebih baik. Menjadi manusia dan hamba Tuhan yg lebih baik...aminn.

okaylah..more will come, just finding the proper time to sit down and write. So..till then ,everyone..wishing all of you..HAPPY NEW YEAR..!!! May this coming new year will bring along lots of love, happiness, success..and world peace.Welcome 2006..~!!!


faruq said...

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning." -T.S Eliot

Happy new Year... live each day of the new year with zest! XD

justme said...

i like the quote...=]
thanks..best wishes to u too...