19 December 2005

me..the self-declared hairstylist..=D !

one thing about me, i can never say no when someone approached and asked " ..ehh, naz reti potong rambut takk.? tolong potongkan..".Without hesitation, ill eagerly jump to the rescue, nodding aggreably offering my help. Ehhe...even when the actual truth is, im not that 'good' in cutting-hair skill, more else 'styling'. But..i like it, yupp..i really like it. =D. And given the opportunity to do sthg i find pleasure in doing, heh..ill definitely say yes.

First realised my 'hidden talent'..( huhu..another self-admission, =p.. okla..not a gifted-talent..but a talent-in-the-making..how abt tht..?) when i was in Form 3. Stressed out due to the coming PMR, plus debate-prefect stuffs, having long hair seems to add the burden. So..decided to give myself a hair-cut. It was done beautifully by my mom, but the ever 'creative' me, was not satisfied with the outcome of it..and made some adjustment in the bathroom, cutting more hair which results with a 'remarkable' macam-kena-gigit-tikus hairstyle. But i couldnt complain, because it was my fault, and had to bear with the short haircut for the next several months. But..instead of getting negative remarks from ppl, my new look was complimented, causing me to beam in pride, secretly hiding the fact that it was actually a mistake.( heheh). And that's how it starts, my new passion in cutting hair..( now, let see, where do i get that gene from..? hmm)

Smtmes, i even offered to friends/families to cut their hair, but unfortunately were mostly turned down. Also had few experiences of bad attempt in cutting ppl's hair.There was this one time when i cut my sisters hair ( all three of them..smugly saying ). Accidentaly traumatising a small bit of Imah's neck..( sorry..!) , and unintentionally ruined Yah's and Bie's hair..(..sorry again! ). I made both of them look kinda like 'temenggung jugah anak barieng',and we howled in laughter looking at the final result. I guiltily said"..it doesnt look too bad,.." and "..hair grows real fast, u know ", and "..nvmd, we wear tudung, no one will notices.."..trying my best to patch the damage done. And later at night got a disapproving look and comment from ayah.(" sapa potong rambut nih..?", both of them shot accusing eyes at me,..opsie..!) . And i wonder why ppl turn down my sincere offer to cut their hair.

But..it never dampen my enthusiasm and enjoyment in cutting and hairstyling. i cut my own hair.( seriously..) whenever i feel like wanting a different look. New haircut alwys give a livelier, fresher sense in me. And yesterday, after a long time away from scissors, a friend of mine asked my help to cut her hair. Finally..!

" potong pendek tau naz, panas lah rambut nih!"
" nak pendek mcmana nih..? "
" sependek mungkin !" ( wahh..enthrusting her 'hair' destiny in my hand..this was more than i had expected ).I rubbed my hands jubilantly, ready with equipments and snip..sip..snip.. i went. Seriously into my work, tossing her head from left to right,while she kept covering her ears, scared tht i might cut them off as well. ( hey.. im not tht clumsy-lah ok..). She held the mirror in front, letting me the total freedom to cut her hair. And another friend of us, decided to join the fun and thrill of the moment, offered to take photos of us covered with sweat and hair all over the place.( biasalah,,final yr,sikit2 nk ambil gambar..ehhe).

" mcmana? ehh,jap2, sebelah ni tak sama...". Snip.snip.
" Ehh..yg ni tak sama jugak..jap2.." Another snip. snip.
" Wahh...smart-lah..nampak muda nih.. eh..sikit lagi katsini..." Go another snip.

Ta-da. We stared at her new reflection in the mirror, totally different from her previous one. Expectantly waiting for her reaction to it, i peered to look at her expression from behind. Hair were all over my clothes. And face.
"..ermm., amacam...?..ok ke?"..
"..err..pendek sgt ehh..?" ( she rubbed her bare neck that was covered with hair half-and hour ago.
"..kata nak pendek, .naz buat lah pendek..amacam ok ke? .."
"..eheheh..rasa pelik plak..tapi okaylah..."
"..tapi,,naz rs *** nampak lagi cutelah mcm ni..betul nih" (giving my most encouraging look).
"..eheh.yelah tuh!..okaylah nih.."

and later that night, as we sat together eating cakes ( sedap betuk kek coklat pasar mlm jln Tar, yg moist kek tuh..i forgot my diet instantly ), i couldnt help but felt slightly happy and impressed. She indeed look different, younger and more vibrant-looking. Even happier, when another friend of us said.." wahh..nampak smartlah rambut baru **** nih.." She shyly beamed, secretly revealing her feeling abt her new look. Hehehe...me?! i was bursting with glee inside...

well..well..who's my next 'victim'..? =D


imah said...

yea kak.. i still remember.. the day u almost slit my throat.... ngeh ngeh.. anyway.. keep up the passion. u might own a saloon one day ;)

justme said...

weihh..exaggerate-lah tuh, just a slight,tiny,cut...ehheh,....=p..

hmm.. a hair salon..mcm cerita 'beautiful life' tu imah,salon kat tepi laut..(im starting to float into my berangan land...)