11 August 2006

find the meaning

Do i ever mention in here before..about an amazing blog, written by a cancer patient, who suffered from a type of lung cancer..? He died peacefully on 4th of August after a year of battle to fight his cancer. May he rest in peace...

Got the chance to see him on tv, in Astro programme 'Ku Mohon', and was amazed at how calm and optimistic he was, talking about his cancer, sharing with ppl the pain and sufferings in such a way that makes it all look ,...serene and less cruel. In the frail bony figure,..smile was constantly on his face. Must be one wonderful man..

One of his entry caught my attention. About making a meaning of things that happen in life. Finding the reason to why he, ( and not some bad ppl who go around causing trouble in this world, err..this is my addition) who got inflicted with this terminal illness. And what he choose to do, to make use of his destiny, rather than blaming fate. He chose to blog his life..., hoping to increase awareness about cancer, and perhaps instill some sort of realisation in us about the important things in life. Things that we smtmes take for granted.

Here is an extract of his blog, an entry dated 22nd May 2005. Read on..maybe this can help to remind us the reasons, of our short existence in this world too..

Sunday, May 22 2005

Make Meaning

"There has to be a meaning in this". Don't we just hate it when something happened with seemingly no reason? For example someone affiliated with a disease. Some may wonder if a Higher Power is sending them a message. Some may speculate this is some form of punishment. Or one may just dismiss it as nature's lottery.

I decided to make my own meaning. Forget about Higher Power sending messages. Ain't gonna wait for no divine revelation. I want to decide, on my own, now, what I want to do with this cancer.

I was thinking...look...I got the biggies...you want lung cancer? I got both. Bone cancer...got it....Brain? check...lymph? had it. So what is the meaning of all these? What a waste to have all these cancers and let the guy just roll over!!!

So I have DECIDED that my cancer means:
- I MUST make use of this gift.
- I MUST make sure others benefit.
- I MUST regain my health so that I can say..."...I have done it, so can you..."

Now...I can show that one can have all these cancer and still make a CHOICE and DECIDE how you deal with it.

So what is my CHOICE?
- I choose to be brave, so that you can;
- I choose to enjoy learning to regain my health, so that you can;
- I choose to revel in this as an adventure; so that you will too.

I have decided on the meaning of my cancer. I have chosen how to deal with it. So I am inviting you again, come join Hee Boon on his Amazing New Adventures :)

- Foo Hee Boon www.fhbadventure.blogspot.com

Thank you Hee Boon, ..and yeap, u did it. Your optimism, the entries u wrote so diligently in your blog, your never-ending fight up until the end..all these efforts of yours, i know must have benefited someone out there. Thank you, ..for sharing ur life adventures with us,..=]

Make a meaning, find the reason...and try to focus on the brighter side of everything. Life is too short to be wasted with tears..

"..there's a meaning to life events, to teach us how to laugh more, or not to cry too hard.." - Anon

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