20 August 2006

it's the hormone !..( yeah rite..)

those few days in a month. When u dont know why u feel so gloomy, lazy, unenergetic...and fat. When u have such a humoungous appetite tht cause u eating like u never eat before, like u want to swallow the entire fridge content. =/. And ruining ur body, mind and health. When suddenly u feel like crying for the slightest of reason, or sometimes for no reasonable cause at all. Being overly sensitive, cranky , moody, ...all bloated up and feeling unattractive. ..bleahh...=/....( haihhh...)

Part and parcel of being a woman ehh..? My mom disagree with this, she says tht by thinking of it tht way, woman will alwys surrender and accept this 'not-so-pretty' behaviour which will occur once in a while, in the few days before menstruation. She has a point there, should not use 'hormonal imbalances' as an excuse for acting weird or eating a lot. But ..ehehe... who else to blame other thn nature, dodging away from being the guilty person here.. ;]

eat too many chocolate. which leads to flaring up of allergy. because of allergy attack, become stressed and when u are stressed, u eat chocolate again. Talk about vicious cycle. =/.

Need to put a stop to this 'unhealthy' phase. Will start it right away....=D

Tomorrow, start ur day early. Smile to the sun..( i mean, the morning sun, not the burning hot 12 pm sun..). Wipe the 'habuk' from that bored-looking treadmill and jump on it. Read good novels, woman's magz. Meet up some friends. Go out naz, get some fresh air outside of the house, ( and stop declining invitation from ppl who's kind enough to help colour ur bland days.....)

Maybe a movie will help too...'Click' sounds like a fun movie to watch. A walk around KL..window shopping, Borders.,...and feasting at Kenny Rogers, that delicious pretzel, not forgetting the McDonald icecream =D....yeah, and also.. the..
(...Err, ..i dont think tht's part of the healthy living plan...naz ). .

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