24 September 2005

tag along...

im tagged by a friend...So..here goes..=]

20 years ago, 1985 :

hmm, at the age of 3 years old, no vivid memories of those years. ..ha'ah eh, can't recall anything..=/...but according to storytellers in the family, we were still living in tmn seri watan, ampang.

10 years ago, 1995 :

my first time away from home as a form 1 student in SMAPL, neg sembilan. Ermm.., not much interesting things to tell, still 'selebet'ly fumbling with my tudung and hostels's life. But, basically, what i can say is that, it was the start of a new me..yup, from a bossy, loud, harsh, dirty girl..slowly changing to a different kind of person..more quiet and ..alone. Had a sour experiences with few classmates, ( i think this was among the reason of me becoming someone so 'hermit' ) and the process of adapting to new environment. But among the memories that i choose to bring along with me till now, my friendship with Kak Ratna Sumarni..erm, my 'bidan terjun' decision to join school debate team, that opens me to lots of valuable experiences....and what else?!..oh yeah..eheh, my first experience as a teenage girl surrounded with so many boys..haha, still remember my stupidity, confused when a particular boy keep staring ( i should have stared back, instead of sheepishly and awkwardly fidgeting on my seat)..and also, my first crush..sheesh, =0)..

5 years ago, 2000 :

was in Melaka matriculation College, Londang for 1 year ++. ( sblm sampai sini, tak tahu pun ada tempat nama 'londang' nih..). Here, dunno why, ive becomed someone quite lazy to study, and prefer spending times with friends. Had wonderful roommates, that really colours my day there, maliza, zayti, and sha..all 4 with a totally different personality. And not forgetting the unbeatable five.., me, marlia, haajar, anni, and huda, praktikum buddies, we called ourselves 'the invincible' ( we were suppossed to give a group name, and this was the name we choose)...I trully,really cherish my friendship and moments with them, since i barely had a group of friends when i was in smapl..=/. We even made a promise, that we'll be reunited on 7-7-2007 ( actually the reason of this reunion is to see who's married by then, how many kids, who's who..etc..bla2..gee, girls are alwys gonna remains as girls..)..

3 years ago, 2003 :

This was the best year so far in my dentistry year..=], seriously, as i think about it now, i really like and enjoyed my 3rd year. Found myself very much excited and interested learning general surgery and medicine, and alhamdulillah, i managed to did well in those two subjects.Enjoyed tailing behind Dr Kelvin in HUKM, and later had great admiration to him..( i even wrote a poem for him when he quit from our faculty,..).My first year as a dental clinician, and started treating patients..oh yeah, my first 'human' patient is Hassan Omar ( i dont think ill ever forget his name..ehhe ). Had a really fun and marvellous time with friends, as most of 3rd year dental students were thrown to the top floor, we became close and made lots of noise at night, watched cds together..( with me and aida screamed the loudest while watching some japan, korean ghost stories..=/)..Hmm..those were the happy days..=]

Last year, 2004 :

well..not much to tell about this year, as 4th year is the toughest year . Hmm,..besides struggling in my studies, what else..? oh yeah, it's the second year im elected as the secretary for our dental students association, PMGG..( sheesh, i thought the 'berjawatan' day was over when i left school..).Had a great teamwork in our group, we did our best, we had great experiences..and personally ..i think this year's PMGG was the most successful in its achievements..hmm, salute to our YDP! And im quite regretful that i didnt put all effort in my studies, perhaps if i studied harder, ill make myself proud, and did better in exams..But alhamdulillah, i passed all papers and continued my journey to the final year.

This year, 2005 :

whoaa..my final year nih..hmm, this year, is the 'rush hour' year, to finish up all requirements..and did my best in study, Fighting!! = . Oh yeah, besides the fact that this is my last year as a student, my parents are getting 'tak senang duduk' now..aiyoo...dont worrylah...;]

Next year, 2006 :

Im a dentist by now ! =D ( insyaAllah)..will be graduating in mid-sept, cant really say where ill be at this time. Hmm..will i be joining the university, or sent somewhere around Msia, reporting duty to Ministry of Health..wherever it'll be, ill do my best! And also, ill start preparing myself and asking around for informations about furthering post-grad abroad...if there's opportunity or chances to go, i wont let it slipped off my hand, the way i did 6 years ago. Oh..and by now, perhaps, we are no longer living in our beloved 'tall house', insya Allah, we'll settle down in our new 'kampung'..=], a place where later ill be coming home for raya! And also..ehhe, hopefully to, by this time, i've started seeing someone seriously..or else, my dad are never going to stop rambling about this..ehhe, dont want to say much about this-lah..pray for me yaa..;].and another thing,by now.. im already able to drive! Tengoklah..nanti..=..

Ten years from now, 2015 :

ohho..im 33 years old now! Hmm..so far in future, yet so near. Well, insyaAllah, by this time, hopefully im juggling a few important roles in hand. A loving, wonderful wife to a loving, wonderful husband..;], a proud mother to 2 or 3 kids, =].., still the obedient daughter to both my parents, ( oh..by now, i have-in-laws..! ), still the responsible, 'gila2-skema' sister to my siblings, an enthusiastic Orthodontist or Oral Surgeon, who spread my enthusiasm to others...but the most important of all, ive become a better Muslim, someone who is more calm, tolerant and optimist...who will not forget to do my part as 'hamba Allah', share what i know with ppl..aminn.... Hmm, mungkin dh start kumpul harta sket2 utk anak2. And perhaps, by this time, ill be in a middle of planning my first book..and, who knows..ill be working on making my other dream a reality as well,..what dream?..ermm,..let just say that it's a secret for now..=].

Tracking back the long-lost memories, and picturing what will happen in the future..hmm, it makes me realise that ive been breathing freely for quite a time, ive been through the ups and downs in life, and whatever that awaits me in the future, i can face it, insyaAllah. We really can. Let's be positive and berbaik sangka..and let's work to make our dreams and hope come true. Insyallah, semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki, dilimpah rahmat dan keberkatan..semoga seluruh perjalanan hidup kita mendapat keredhaan dan dipermudahkan..aminn..

wow..writing all these down..seems to be inspiring to me some how..=]

p/s : oohh..erm,..am i supposed to continue this tagging thingy..? well ok then, im tagging neo_gillain, tm nut, bukhari, cikin, wanie..who else..?!..alah, whoever read this, and nak buat pun buatlah..it's fun anway..tata!


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