15 September 2005

tulis sket...

a friend bising.." bila nak update blog nih..?" Eheh..quite a packed life 2-3 menjak nih. Presentation manjang, dan nature perangai aku yg satu, ialah suka nak buat seter'perfect' yg boleh. Selagi ada ruang utk di'perfect'kan, i will put full effort in it. And alhamdulillah, i did quite well in both presentations..had some rough moments in clinic, some running here and there with aida for our elective project, risaukan requirements and exams that's coming in about a month time..plus other tidbits things..it's enough to send me crawling to bed each night..hmm..

Actually there's a lot of things in mind, things that i really want to write and share with everyone here, but it's the time factor that restraining me. Nantilah..pjg umur, ada kelapangan, ill 'entertain' all of u with more 'crazy stuffs' digged out from my head..haha..

someone told me recently, about someone close to her had a marriage breakdown..( huhu, and me, before knowing the actual situation, keep asking.."dh 'berisi' dh..?"). Hmm..seriously, the more i hear about all these, the more i fear the word 'marriage'. The thing is that, the fragility of todays marriage institution..ntahlah...guess love is not enough ehh...

i read somewhere, about some studies from the Western, ranking who leads the happiest, most fulfilled life among married man, married woman, single man, single woman. The first or the most happiest, is married men, followed by single women, single men, and last..is the married women. Hmm...well..terlalu letih nak komen pjg lebar, cuma masa baca tu buat aku terfikir sendiri..if this is the case, no wonderlah semakin ramai org decide utk hidup sendiri. Pendek kata, be responsible to the life u choose and the path u pick to tread on, and it's up to u how u wish to colour it. Like what my mom always says..( now i realise, im sharing my mom's words with people around the globe..=D ).."..kebahagiaan ini dtg dr dlm diri kita, kalau kita fikirkan ia sebagai bahagia, kita akan rasa bahagia..." ..Hai..bilalah aku nak jd mcm mama ya. ..

Apa2 pun, ..im praying for everyone's happiness in the small things that comes in our life everyday..and jgn lupa doakan aku jugak ..=]..



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ghoyye said...

eh ur entry this time started off just like mine! dah laa ari yg same lak tuh. whoaa... pelik2.

nway i cudnt agree more with ur mom. it's all about your mindset, how you see things. sometimes the hardest moment in life can be the best thing that has ever happened :)