18 March 2006

late at night

it's late, 1.40 am in the morning. The house is quiet as all the family members are soundly asleep, and here i am alone, writing in here.

quite a day. When i thought the day is over, and i was heading home like usual, suddenly sthg came up, which gave a little bit of difference to my nearly-bland week. Caught up with a Chinese coursemate in Putra lrt, said that he's on his way for an Endodontic Talk at PJ Hilton and invited me to come along. I dunno what really attracts me to be so agreeable on going..( knowing the known trait in me who like to consider and weighs the pros-cons for quite some time..), but i went, in spite of the tiredness. It was an 'okay' talk, the speaker is a dentist/lecturer from the US, and he really is a good speaker, ( but my seat was far at the back, causing me to crane my neck every now and then to get a clearer view of the slaids..) It was quite a new experience for me, mingling around crowds of dentists and pretending to look sophisticated and knowledgable..( ehhe...). Maybe..it was the experience that i crave so much, that brought me there, apart from the RM 20 registration fee for student which is affordable..and ..as expected, the food was great. hehehe..

Arrived home around 11 pm. I was never home this late, and the idea of walking by myself even only for a few metres was quite terrifying.( ..it's not the ghost im scared of, it's the evil in human which is more frightening..). My father offered to pick me up, but..the 24 yrs-old woman voice in me said.." it's okay, im going to be alright, there's nothing to be worried about..". But as i stepped down from the lrt, and felt the quietness and eerieness of the near-ly vacant area, i begin to fastened my steps, started wishing silently that i had learn some simple steps of taekwondo or karate. As i turned to my house area, gladly saw that warung pak abu lights were still on and shining at the roadside. But the wonderful part of the story was when i glanced at the dark sky above me, i saw the moon was there, round and bright, as if it's helping to guide my way. And with every steps of mine..i could feel the moon's eyes following me..Thank you Allah, for protecting and enabling me to arrive home safely.

And later spent my time talking with kakak...she's alwys the best person to talk to, Imah too. Yah pun. Bie..ermm..she's still very young to talk about " what women talk.."..ehhhe. That's one great thing having many sisters, apart from swapping clothes, make-ups and accesories, u'll get the best, most trusted advises regarding certain women's issues, as they alwys want u to have the best thing in ur life.

Tergendala jap blog-writing, as i turned my full focus and attention to the person talking to me over the phone ;]. Talking to someone can be such a joy,...hmmm..

okaylah ppl..time to hit the bed. More coming..insyaAllah..

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