23 March 2006

tumbling with Tumblebug

At last. Lepas jugak Level 3 .Heheheh….

After seems like forever stuck in Level 3,..ive finally shifted myself to Level 4 earlier this week.( ..and God knows for how long ill be struggling in Level 4 nih..=/ ). And what infuriates me is that all my friends were already smugly announcing that they’ve finished all 12 levels, some are in their Level 8 or 9..and here I am, still crawling like turtle in Level 3..ops, Level 4 ( like there’s a big difference between that two ).

Btw..im talking about ‘Tumblebug’ game. Not the kind of game adult choose to play, but it’s fun and very colorful too…heheh. And the only computer game I play.. ( sob ) apart from ‘Digger’ or ‘Tapper’ , the game I used to play when I was a kid. Yang tu pun lah …I remembered furiously knocking on the keyboard to ‘save’ myself from ‘dying’..which happened all the time. When it was Digger time, I would be frantically trying to run away from being killed by the villains, but alwys end up stranded and ‘dead’.( in the game the term is ‘Rest in Peace’ ). When I was playing Tapper, the same situation would occur, the game would end with me rushing like maniac to serve drinks, but in the end all the glasses would be crashing on the floor. Guess what my brother grumbled when I played playstation with him was not entirely wrong..( punyalah tak nak ngaku tuh..)..”Kak ni tak cekaplah..”. Cehhh..

Okay..okay, I admit, maybe..computer game is really not my thing. And maybe because I keep dying, or getting punched sampai tak bangun2 in the ‘fighting’ game, or keep losing when it’s racing game or whatever game pun lah…are among the reason why I don’t really play computer game. I would be writing or watch movies in my computer, seriously..i don’t play computer game for a very long time, that is after Digger or Tapper years, which was like 10 -13 years ago. Until I found Tumblebug. Yeap..until Tumblebug.

It’s a kid’s game alright, and at this moment, im tumbling unsuccessfully in each level, gruntling with frustrations whenever the ‘bug’ appeared on screen with words .." Hahah! Now ur friends stay with me FOREVER..!!..” indicating that ive lost all the lives provided. Again. Nevermind..ill reach that Level 12 soon. Ermm…might not be that soon..ehheeh, but I will one day..=<.

But, I dunno, it might be my imagination, tp kan..bila asyik2 mati shj in each task, the next repeated round tu mcm lebih mudah, mcm slow je bug2 tu bergerak, dan mcm bnyk je colour2 yg sama…is there a possibility that they kind of programmed this game for ppl like me ..? Cos u know..it's quite sad and pitiful to be losing repeatedly in such a simple game when some ppl managed to climb to level 3 in half an hour while im working all my might for weeks, or months in it..ehhe. Maybe they are scared that ill be de-motivated as i keep losing and attempt suicide..? Hoh..naz, get real...hmm..

Btw..eheheh, I know im supposed to be studying..err, main ‘Tumblebug’ as selingan bolehh....?



imah said...

soo.. which game ni.. tumblebug? peliknyeee...

justme said...

best imah.., try cari kat Yahoo..
kak pasti imah pun akan hooked jugak..=p