31 March 2006

kena tipu..( aiyoo..)

Smtmes I wonder, do I have any label or ‘cop’ on my forehead with words “come and fool me, ‘cos Im easily fooled !”....

Back in school, there was this one boy, who found pleasure in teasing me. From displaying my things at the writing board and jumping out of nowhere to scare me,.. I didn’t really mind that much, but..it could get really sickening and embarrassing at times, thinking why was I the target. Was I that gullible..?

Speaking of gullibility…

One day, he rushed into class, all serious looking and said to me..
“ naz..cikgu shamsiah nak jumpa ko sekarang. Kat bilik guru. Sekarang ,” blinking his eyes in solemnity.
“..hah..?! kenapa ?,” panic-strickenly.( muka risau toksah ckplah )
mana aku tahu. Pergilah,” not even looking at me.
(This must be serious. This jovial, clown-class is speaking one straight sentence without cracking a joke). I hurried to the teacher’s room, my mind was nearly exploding thinking of all sorts of worst thing tht could happen. Was it my Addmths ? I know im never a whizz in maths, more else addmths..But, was it tht bad..?! I fastened my steps..
cikgu nak jumpa saya ke..?” I timidly asked the lovely looking teacher who was in a middle of conversation with another cikgu.
huh.? Bila masa saya ckp nak jumpa awak..?” dubiously asking me. Huh?
“ tapi..tadi..*** ckp cikgu nak jumpa saya..” ( the ever blurr me still didn’t get it..)
“ takdelah. Awak dh kena ‘makan’ dgn dialah tuh..” smiling at me. Excusing myself as I left the group of smiling teachers, I turned and marched back to class, fuming. And from far I could hear his shrieking sound of laughter. Eiiieeii……!!! =[

And I thought that days were over. But then, I got fooled again from time to time, esp by my brother. And my father too smtmes. And the thing is, I never really get the signals or hints that a ‘lie-is-on–its-way’,.. I just kept tumbling head down into it. There were times when I answered the phone and it was a male voice at the other end of line ( deep, booming male voice tht can make stomach flutter). And this ‘male’ caller would introduce himself as someone acquainted to me, and I would fumbled thinking hard who it would be, and after a couple of minutes, a burst of laughter reached my ear, and a familiar sound took place….

oit..ni Abe-lah…! Apa lah kak nih..”. Great. Again.

Like tht was not enuff. I got fooled by strangers too. Strangers who approached me, with sorrow looks and pitiful faces, asking for help, straightforwardly speaking..money. And I end up handing out money to some liars, even worse, to some scruffy looking guy who will use my money to buy drug. And also guys who would cut the line when I were lining up for taxi, with excuses like he would miss his plane or he will die if he can’t get to tht place on time etc.. leaving me looking flustered and nodding feebly to his request, of should I say, lie. To make matter worse, the rest of the ppl lining behind me would then give disapproving looks and comments as to why i let that guy cut the line when they had spent hours lining up behind me..?

This whole ‘kena tipu’ scenes should and would end. No more. Especially trusting words from strangers. Okay…teasing here and joking there is fine, I don’t mind laughing at myself....and besides, like what P Ramlee said in one of his songs..

" Kalau hidup tak bergurau senda, hilang nikmat cinta..". It just, maybe.. I too, should learn how to play prank on other ppl, or at least learn how to lie, at least one teeny-white lie. Wonder how it feels to watch the innocent and believing look of other ppl, falling into my prank..heheheh....; ]


Adi Ramli said...
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Adi Ramli said...

This is the most suitable time for you to review again at what you have said before:

"Drink the first, sip the second, skip the third".


"Sekali jalan, terkena.. Dua kali jalan, tahu.."

It is not the solution that you must think. It is the question that you must ask. To ask a good question is much more difficult than giving a good answer.

The right question is:
"Are you ready to make a change? Are you prepare for it?"

Only after answering these questions, the picture will either becomes wider, or remain the same. If the answer is NO, then the question stops there and there will be no more further discussion. If the answer is YES, then there will be much more detail answer awaits. And I will continue to write..

"Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you."
(Yoda, Star Wars)

"Are you ready to co-operate?"
(Interogator, V for Vendetta)