24 March 2006

the silent moment

one thing about Japanese dramas/films that I really like, is their ‘silent moments’. The scenes where the actors would stare into space, thinking. The stillness of the scenes, basically that’s what I mean. And amazingly, in that silent moment, the feeling inside them are expressed without the needs of saying it or acting it out.

There are many things about Japanese dramas which make it ‘different’ from Korean or Chinese ( more else Malay dramas ! lmbtla lagi..). How the story’s presented, how they expressed it on screen. Not to say all Japanese dramas are that great, but..so far, I alwys find a different satisfaction after watching them. The way they talk about life’s issues..esp love and family, in such a way that is simple and subtle, but..it went straight to the heart, and left me thinking about it. But again..it’s personal preference..lain org..lainlah..( tau... kakak!!! Ehehe)..

Speaking about ‘silent moment’..smtmes, when situation gets too silent, it becomes kind of awkward, esp when u are on the phone with someone or talking to him/her face to face. When there is a long pause, and u just dunno what to say to break the silence. At the same time, ur mind are running 100km/hr, trying to find a thing to say. Maybe u are uneasy because of the silence, or maybe u just dont want the person at the end of the line to think that u are a plain, boring, dull person and start to head towards exit door. And smtmes too, because u are such in a hurry to talk and sound ‘chatty’, u began to ramble nonsense, u don’t really listen to the person talking because u are racking ur brain preparing of what to say next, ... basically..it’s like u just talk without knowing what u talked. The feeling is,..ermm..how to say it…empty ? feeling-less? Unfulfilled ?..it doenst feel like how it supposed to feel. Am I making any sense here..?

Thinking about it, maybe that ‘silent moment’ or ‘long pause’ is not sthg that we should fight after all. Not to say that we would have a ‘mute’ conversation, it just if the ‘silent moment’ appears, let’s not try too hard to overcome it. Let the moment be still, and in that brief period of silence, perhaps we’ll be able to really be ourselves and not struggling to be ‘talkative’. In that moment too, given some time to think normally, we’ll be able to say what we want to say the way we want it to be said, and not just babble out anything that crossed our mind. But most importantly, we’ll listen to the other person whole-heartedly and attentively, feeling the presence of his voice in our ears and then respond accordingly, the way it should. And then perhaps, the conversation would be much, much more fun, enjoyable and meaningful..thanks to the silent moment.

And maybe too, as u ponder and think quietly within the long silence, the deepest part of u emerged and be shown without u having to force it out. No matter if u are talking to the person over the phone or sitting next to each other, the silent moment will surely fill in once in a while. Just treasure some of the moments, ..maybe it is there for a reason.


imah said...

jiwann.. jiwannn..

Adi Ramli said...

To break the silence:

1) Korek idung dengan masyuk.. Sure dia memahami yg ko perlukan konsentrasi..

2) Gosok2 mata.. Konon sakit mata atau ada benda termasu kedlm mata.. Otometik dia akan tanya "Kenapa?".

3) Cari idea di tempat yg paling sesuai.. "Eh, aku kena pi tandas dulu la.. Boleh tunggu kejap tak?". Dalam jamban tu pikir la apa idea nak cakap.

4) Habiskan je.. "Eh, saya ada hal la.. Minta diri dulu ye? Bye2~~"

justme said...

eheheh..imahh..mana ade jiwann.., get in touch with the deep part in me jek..

err..kalau ter-jiwann skett..can't help it-lah,..im a Pisces..=p

violet said...

ehh..aku pun pisces gak..ehehe. maybe i don't watch that many korean/japanese drama that contain those silent moments u love so much! :P