02 April 2006

walking towards destiny

alhamdulillah..feeling very happy today..=]

guess 'love after marriage' is not so bad after all, we just have to endure the first few 'feeling-less' moments ..

betullah mcm yg dikata..'tak kenal maka tak cinta'...bila dh kenal, terasa sgt Tuhan sayang, dipandu-Nya kita ke jalan yg paling sesuai dan terbaik utk kita...

now ..it's up to me...naz, prove to urself..sure u can..!!!

doakan saya yea...=]..

*in my final days as undergraduate student..


faruq said...

insyaAllah, after years of hard work, it will all come down to the finals.



you go girl =3

AiSyaHuMaiRa said...

Yes Naz, it's never too bad after all. Allahu ma'ana. Make prayers and all the best in your finals.

tm nut said...

walk each path one step at a time - with courage, faith & determination, like you always do

justme said...

( can u see me smiling happily from ear to ear..? )..=]

arigatou..mina-san!!! =D