19 April 2006

tagging time, i like!

( bila kebosanan menghadap buku melanda diri..eheeh..lari ke cc jap.)

tagged by ghoyye, here goes...=]

How many schools did I go to?
- Let start with pre-school/kindergarten. I went to Tadika Amal, for 1 year and half, had to quit halfway because of a boy, who made my life miserable. I dread to face each morning, knowing that I would be seeing him in school. Luckily, my father let me stay at home for the rest of the year. If he happens to read this, I think I would…I just…I hope..let just hope he's a better man now, or at least, less scarier ..

- Then, primary school, SRK Convent Bkt Nanas, KL. Had a wonderful six years here.!!

- Next, secondary school, SMAP LAbu, Neg Sembilan. Another 5 years spent, a place where I grew up, and blossomed into a woman. ;]

-Is matriculation considered as ‘school’ ? Definition of ‘school’ by Oxford Dict ( naz, can u be any more 'skema' than that..?), ‘an institution for educating children; a dept in uni with a particular area of study; a group of ppl sharing similar views, methods’. Whatever-laah naz..

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?
- Hmm..never the studious nerd, always the ‘last minute’ person. But there was this one time, I was in Form 2, I think the only time in my life when I studied quite consistently...( plus the UPSR, PMR and SPM year..ehhe ). I remembered going to class in the evening and weekends to study alone. But actually the main reason I turned into a ‘studious nerd’ in 1996 was due to some personal conflicts and issues, which caused me to isolate myself with books. But alhamdulillah…the ‘hikmah’ from it, the following year I jumped to first class,...( err..ive to delete the last line.., tak perlulah cerita in detail sgt, naz.. )

Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet?
-never the class ‘taiko’ either..hehheh…but I used to belong to a playful, loud, perasan ‘hebat’ group when I was in CBN ( u know, all-girls school..), but I was also a prefect, who was trusted by teachers to hold their cupboards keys where they kept important things and the one keeping and collecting class money. I remembered once when I was in stdrd 6, because my class teacher ‘burdened’ me with this and that responsibility, I could memorize which cupboard keep papers, which shelf contained ' kad manila', which rows of book to look when she asked me to pick a book.. like it was my house instead of a class.

- In short, I think I was more like the ‘teacher’s pet’ type. Never had any problem with teachers as far as I can remember. I think one of the reason I put teachers on a pedestal is because my parents are teacher/lecturer, my grandparents were also teachers..so basically, how I treat my parents, that’s how I treat my teacher. I don’t like other kids to be disrespectful to my parents in school, so I wont do the same to my own teachers.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
- heheh..this is hard. I was quite 'skema' in school, most of the rules were followed obediently without fuss. Lemme think for a sec..hmm. I think the biggest rule I broke was on my last day in SMAP, me and a few friends of mine, we climbed the ‘tangki air’ belakang sekolah and take pictures to carve that moment in print. Fuuh..ultimate lah tuh kononnya, never break rules, but on the last day tuh, panjat tangki air ! Terketar2 nak ambil gambar kat atas tuh, untuk kenangan lah kan..ehhe nasib baik tak kena kejar dgn jaga !! =p

Three subjects I enjoyed the most:
1. history – seriously, I really like history. Baca buku teks sejarah mcm baca buku cerita, sampai hancur2 dahlah buku pinjaman. Dan sambil baca, i would imagine the images of ppl and events. Fuuh..memang ralit baca buku sejarah..=]
2. bahasa melayu penulisan – ni pun among fav subjects. Since primary school, I really enjoyed writing and found great satisfaction when my writings were put on board for ppl to read.
3. pendidikan islam – I think the major factor was because I alwys like the teachers who taught me this subject. From primary up to secondary school, alwys found myself ‘melopong’ listening to their stories in class. And very seriously too..ehhe.

Three teachers who inspired me:
1. Cikgu Fatimah, my class teacher when I was in standard 6. Yeah..she did order me around, from cleaning the class to picking up her things, but she really taught me a lot. How to be neat and tidy, disciplined and organized. There was this one time, I had to collect money from students. When I handed her the money which I hold firmly in my hand, she looked at it in disgust and said to me.. " u expect me to take that ‘crumpled looking’ money from ur hand?” And then she taught me how to ‘susun duit’..ehhe, small things u might say, yeah..but it stays in my mind. And from that small things, ..i learn how to alwys ensure that whatever work I do, I would try to make it as presentable as possible and as perfect as I can before submitting. On the last day of the school year, when I asked her to write in my autograph book, she looked up to me, paused for a moment and wrote “..Takut adalah musuh kita yg paling utama. Fight the fear. Go..go..go the distance ! U can do it!"..
Sheesh.. I can still remember this too
2. Cikgu Chen. My bahasa melayu teacher when I was in form 2. I was alwys amazed at her, being a Chinese and all, yet she speaks good Malay, and alwys energetic in class teaching Malay language. She really ‘jaga’ her tatabahasa ( a Bahasa MElayu teacher, what do we expect…=] ) but it was her passion in teaching Bahasa Melayu tht really make me respect her. And she is very kind too..very. She would alyws give us presents , like sweets or fruits..things like that.
3. Miss Chew. my Physics teacher when I was in Matriculation. She’s the one who instilled the 'wonder' of Physics in me, and helped me to finally understand what ‘physics’ is all about. Seriously… I never, repeat..never understand Physics in school, just hafal buta2… which ended up being the lowest grade in my SPM..ehhe. Without her, I dunno how I would survive my physics in matrix..because of her too..i managed to get an A, the highest among all four subjects taken during matrix. Thanks Miss Chew..ill never forget you. =]

So..that’s all. Hmm..who should I pass this tagging thingy next..? I think I would put it this way... To all my blog-readers, whoever wants to do it..u are most welcome to.. ill be sure to drop by and read them later..=]

okay naz..time to head back to ur room..( bleaaah...=/)

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