15 January 2005

before the year ends

Tonite, another dinner, and this year's college dinner is called the" Malam Kilauan Permata". The theme for tonite is RED, BLACK, WHITE. Hehehe, can't wait, ive borrowed my sister's glamour kurung batik, stunning red and black..sheesh bergaya ngan baju org tuh..=p

yesterday , as i was watching my favourite soap ( a Philipinnes serial drama.. simply addicting!)..i was instilled with a great idea, and im very excited to implement this amazing idea to my own life. No..not crying a bucket of tears over a lost lover like what the actor are doing in each episodes of that soap, or making your life so complicated and twisted over simple things..( and we wonder why serial dramas lasts until hundreds of episodes, ...) but it's something else, something that will make my anti-Chinese-Phililipines-Japan-serial-drama sister agrees with me , for once ..that not everything in serial dramas are useless and silly.

' 100 things to do before the year ends'. Got it from that drama, and personally i think it's a great thing to do. It'll make us look forward to each day of our life in a year, waking up every morning with an enthusiast spirit to complete the task of 100 to-do-list. And i believe, it'll also make our life more enriched, fulfilling, meaningful and above it all..it'll create a better person out of us. A more knowledgeble, healthy, multi-skilled, a fully-lived human being! Im just so excited to start making my list..hehe, so, what do u think, kakak? See, told ya that not all serial dramas are a waste of time ( ermm..eventhough this is not a strong point ,..) =]

klah, gtg, need to get my 'borrowed costume' ready for tonite,and im emptying my tummy as well...heheh, always like that, and i end up gobbling down food excessively, and regret it later..

cant wait to start listing down my 100 things to do before 2005 ends..tata!

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