01 January 2005

new year, new resolutions

farewell 2004, and welcome 2005!!

eventhough celebrating new year is at the bottom of everyone's mind, ( as everyone are concerned about tsunami..), i couldnt help wishing myself HAPPY NEW YEAR..like i did every year. And during those past years, i always waited for 12.00 midnight,.with new resolutions listed in mind..( and ususally i had to bring the last yrs resolutions along as it was not succeded yet..)..

but unfortunately for this year of 2005, i fall asleep and woke up late..lansung terlupa ttg tahun baru..but, yeah..as we grow up , i dunno org lain, it become less and less exciting..

issh..tadi berkepuk rs idea nak menulis, takde mood plak..later lah..

and btw..what is this yr's resolutions..huh?...

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