19 January 2005

when opportunity comes..

.."life is like a box of chocolate, we'll never know what we'll get.."- mama Forrest

Got this from the movie ' Forrest Gump'. First time hearing it, the actual meaning of this quote was beyond my thinking..u open a box of chocolate, chocolate is what u'll get rite..hehe, pretty obvious huh? But, a friend of mine explained..that the box of chocolate is a symbol of something that a lot of ppl are after to, many ppl adores chocolate,opening a box of chocolate in front crowds of ppl will result with them pushing and knocking each other to get a piece of it. And, because of that, the chances of everybody getting chocolate is not definite, the ppl at the back of crowd, the slow and unfortunate..will end up reaching hopefully in the box and became disappointed as all the chocolates are already taken. Hmm..what an analogy this is..

That's how opportunity in life is. Opportunity comes, in disguised form and simple ways, all surrounding us, ..but if we are slow, taking too much time making decision, scared to take the risk..( being pusillanimous, hehe..new vocabulary found in dictionary,specially dedicated to me..),being unsure and not courageous enough to go and fight along with everyone else battling for the opportunity..we'll end up like those ppl who reach for chocolates but getting none of it. If we are fortunate enough, we'll get a few last pieces , but as we know.. the last, unwanted chocolates are not as solid and perfect as the first batch of chocolates,..and we just have to bear the unsatisfaction of it..because that 's the only chocolate left for us. ..

im not babbling nonsense here..im talking serious. I had a few encounters with opportunities which i let slipped of my finger..mostly because i took such a long time considering, scared that i might make a mistakes bla..bla, and said to myself, .." alah..biarlah dulu, who knows ill get a better options later.." And when finally i had made up my mind,..when i got there, very much prepared and determined..it was gone. And u began hating urself for being too cautious and letting opportunity pass u by. Opportunity waits for no man..bear that in mind, justme!

okaylah..frankly, this frustration is caused mainly by yesterday's incident, going to the mall, to finally buy the sandal ive been eyeing for eternity, and been told by the salesperson that it sold out!! This is the second time sthg like this happens to me, before it was this perfect schoolbag which i believed was designed for me..( heheh..=p), i went to Sogo several times just for a peek at that 'one in a million' bag. And when i finally decisive enough to own it, it was gone. Not any left. Gee..justme, never really learn from previous stupidity huh? HUAaawwww...

well..there were some other similar episodes, even a more important ones, which left me wondering for some times the 'hikmah' of it. Hmm, whatever it is, like what my sister used to remind me .." It's not meant for you, it's not ur rezeki, Allah knows best, better things will come in the future, but u also have to learn from what happenned..that if u are slow, being undecisive and think too much about unnecessary things..the same thing will repeat..grow up and change..!"

So..lesson learnt, if i caught a sight of another brilliantly created bags or sandals..i will not think twice, ill grab it in a flash!!! ( oh my,justme ..that is the only thing u've learned.?!..)

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AiSyaHuMaiRa said...

Assalamu'alaikum naz!!!
Mazlin sini...pekabar? Dah lama baca blog naz since the previous one...tetibe zappp!!..lesap camtu je..so welcome back!=) Nnt nak link kan naz kat blog saya ek? Oklah..cheerio!