03 January 2005

yawning early morning..


yup..that's quite like it, feeling sleepy and uninterested early monday morning, not only because of monday.., but also it's the starting of another hectic routine after a week break..'just another manic monday...'

speaking of sleepiness, i do have a tendecy to feel sleepy early morning, i'm quite quizzical about it. Since my seconday school, i had to fight the urge to stay awake, and peculiarly, it happenned only early mornings. It's like a curse, ..that will shows its sign on me by causing me to yawn and drop my eyelids several times around 8 to 10 am. After that 'haunted' hrs, im awake as ever. Sheesh..because of this unknown condition of mine..( im making it sounds as if this is so traumatic and im the symphatized victim ), i had several embarrassing situations, that made me the center of attention for a few minutes ...and...no..i dont want to share with the entire world what's those were..hehee..glady im the kind that can laugh at my own stupidity and silly memories..

it's not that i haven't done anything to cure this 'mysterious' disease, not to mention supplements taken because i thought im lacking in certain nutrients ( which is so hard to believe looking at my own reflection in the mirror, "..that girl tak cukup zat?!..yeah rite!.."). I did try a few tactics taught by friends and mostly my sisters. Among advices given are :
1. be active by asking questions ( never really did that, because usually i waited till lectures ended and approached the lecturer later..)
2. focus and give ur 100% attention undividedly..( that's what i did, but it only managed to last me for half an hour and i doze off)
3. take notes and scribbles furiously , to keep ur body and muscles working so u wont loll to sleep.. ( gee.. i did that all the time, but after the class ended, the notes written are so " scribbled' i couldnt even guess what i wrote because my pen moved to 'variety' of directions..and i call it 'the art of sleepiness')
4. tease ur friends around you..make funny faces..( ermm..okay, tried it a few times, but got a daggering stare from ppl..)
5. look at other ppl in the room who's sleepy as well..( haa..this is one thing i like doing, heheh..looking at ppl's faces when they are half-awake-half-asleep will NEVER cause anyone to sleep..ewahh..gelakkan org pandai..)

okaylah..got to stop, my class starting less than 5 mins..hey, im fully refreshed and energetic after writing in here, perhaps the movements of fingers and pouring out words from ur mind can cause u alertness..hah. another new tactic found!..klah..really gtg..tata!

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