02 August 2005

a memorable trip...

salaam everybody..! =D

Back in Kl, after a week in Perlis plus another 2 days in Langkawi...one word to describe the experience..awesome! InsyaAllah, ill go there again one day, and i think i will never able to forget the wonderful ppl ive met in Perlis. Surrounded by paddy fields, accepted like family members, org2 PErlis mmg best, ramah2 dan mesra semuanya. And oh yeah.. one thing noted during my stay in Perlis..tak pernah sekalipun lekat dlm traffic jam,kereta meluncur laju je.. sthg yg sgt unlikely to happen in Kl. Thank u very much for everything..PErlis best!

And Langkawi is a must-visit place. I trully enjoyed my stay there, i went island hopping, ( and very much regret not getting the chance to try parasailing..=/)..i tried my skill in fishing and managed to catch one fish..heheh =p, had a ride in cable car, go shopping like maniac in Pekan Kuah..but the most joyful moment, was the stroll along the beach during sunset, memijak pasir halus di Pantai Beras Basah, merasai mainan ombak di kaki, melihat lautan luas sgt, macam takde hujungnya..hmm..i really love oceans and beaches..=]. ill update my photos in Perlis and LAngkawi in Friendster soon..TApi biasalah, lps balik main pantai, muka pun gelap semacam je, masa main tu tak ingat dunia..

okaylah..till later ya, and frankly speaking, kinda miss u guys..glad to be back..=]

benar kata pepatah lama
tak kenal maka tak cinta
kini Perlis ibarat saudara
dekat di hati hampir di jiwa
merenung lautan luas terbentang
sendiri merasai damai dan tenang
bumi Langkawi pasti kukenang
Panjang usiaku, satu hari ku ulang datang...

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