26 August 2005

a time to relax

had ortho session this morning, review patient's progress. Unfortunately, dear patient is not really compliant, causing him with no changes in occlusion before and during treatment. Iskk..kesian pulak tgk dia kena sound dgn doktor td, which secretly thinking..i should be doing the same.Be more strict to my patient. Hmm..

anway..spending my time in cc, nak tunggu zohor, and balik rumah. All my siblings are at home, precious moment mcm ni should not be wasted. It's not easy to gather all seven of us, since some only managed to be around once a year. Sometimes it occurs to me, how will it be, when all of us have started our own family, some might be staying far away, when things are different from now..hmm..

klah..need to relax and have some time alone. Thought of going to times square and spend some time in Borders, but before that, i have to go and buy 'roti john', 5 bungkus of 'roti john' to be exact,..huh..an order from adik2, sheesh..the sight of me juggling 5 'roti john's, along with my bag of books home, that's sure will steal some glances to me, oohh..how very attractive. Wondering what ppl might be thinking, seeing me hogging bundles of foods..hmm,perhaps.. " wuihh..bnyk nya dia ni makan.."..or.." mak aii, sampai 5 batang, makan sorg ke..?". Heheh, suddenly a vision of me standing in the monorail with a tag dangling from my neck saying.." INI UNTUK 'SINGA2' LAPAR DI RUMAH, HARAP MAKLUM". Ehhe.,,one thing about buying a lot of roti john, and carrying it home in a public transport, namely lrts or monorails, is that everyone will have a share of its aroma,and that's enough to make some ppl's tummy growling with hunger, and others salivating furiously. Minta maap yaa...tak boleh nak tolong..ehhe =]. Adik beradik punya pasal..

oklah..need to go and pray...and be home by this evening...and makan dinner kat rumah..and ...yahhoooo! =D

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