04 August 2005

wedding gift hunt..

huh..never know shopping for wedding gift can be this hard..=/. (and as usual, im making it harder by being indecisive and clueless of what to buy..great.)

two of my wonderful friends held a kenduri kahwin this Sabtu. Hehe..i still smile recalling the times when we were still in school, when the girl would shyly talk about the lucky boy, and i remember that i didnt think twice to nod aggreably, showing my approval and encourage her to keep the relationship going. Even then, i know that they will last long..( gee..look who's talking, speak for urself , naz..=[.)

buying gift is not among my expertise, especially when i have the tendency to spend half and hour comparing two things, and lastly decided not to buy any. I'll go to another store and the whole cycle of scrutinizing, meticulously inspecting plus seriously thinking of whether to buy this or that repeated all over again, fuuh..that is enough to exhaust me, and usually resulted with me going home empty-handed. Like what happen yesterday. Went out with both my sisters, they did help in giving some helpful tips and ideas, what to buy for married couples..something that would benefit a marriage life, not too childish not too oldies, as the couples are only my age. Buying pots and pans or set of Arcopal like what my mother always buy for our relatives doenst seem like a very interesting idea for me, ..i was thinking of something more 'young', more fresh and ..nice. Not that im saying pots and pans are not a nice gift, they are very useful..but..something else. Ermm..frame? Photoalbums? towels with embroidered words like' happy wedding day' on it? or teddy bears, a pair of teddy bears, male and female wearing wedding costumes..? Now that's very matured.

Back in schooling days, when they have this exchanging gifts thing, every year, some of them would make list of things they want, and they would announce it so that the person who's supposed to buy them gift will 'accidentally' know, and would give them what they want. Heheh..so, that's the definition of 'gift and present' ehh..? Hmm..i dunno, there's always a two-way of seeing things. By doing that, u are making it easier for both parties, u get what u want, and the other person will be free from any headaches in thinking of what to buy for u. But for me, i dont really like saying out what i want as my gift, as i like the surprise when i open a beautifully wrapped box, excitedly thinking.." what's inside?". Plus..the idea of gift and present, lose some of its meaningfulness and thoughtfulness when we ask for it, ermm ...in a way - lah. When i was in Form 3, i got a gift from a boy for the ecxhanging gift ritual, someone i didnt really know, i mean he's my friend but we are not close,and i think he felt the same towards me. When he handed me the box, i remember he said .." im sorry, i dont know what to buy for u,". Remembered the excitement as i couldnt wait to open the gift, the feeling of not knowing what's hidden inside the box. He got me a cute organizer, just the kind i like, the type i would buy for myself. And i still have it, along with the note inside =].

okaylah..so back to the wedding gift hunt. What to buy nih?..=/..


wawa said...

a pair of cute mug can be nice gift...just an idea=)

justme said...

thanks for the idea wawa, ..=].ehhe..i bought them sthg else, tapi lebih kurg dgn idea mug tu jugaklah...