15 November 2005


i was writing sthg else, but got to stop, and seek more info regarding it. Yeah..eventhough, this blogging stuffs might not be that big or important, but i do feel responsible to ensure im not 'polluting' anyone's mind with false facts and wrong informations, esp when it has sthg to do with vital parts of life, like religion. ..( yup, the 'skema' me, bingo! ).

yesterday, my first experience assisting 'minor oral surgery' ( MOS ). Getting 'scrubbed' and wore steriled gown..fuuh, suddenly, i pictured myself like all those surgeons in the OT ( eheh, wpun hanya MOS, but still,..). Berangan seminit, as the nurse tied up the gown behind me, that im about to work on a serious case, which no doctors or surgeons could manage it, and they have to seek my opinion and need my skills to operate on the patient, they have to flew me on a helicopter to get to the hospital in a hurry, as it is an urgent, emergency situation..and i would, make a serious, professional look on my face the entire time, nodding solemnly as i walked to the ppl waiting for me....Hah..berangan mmg syok. Okay, back to reality, me, assissting the MOS.

Actually, eheh, i was kinda hoping to do it, but nvmd, there'll be some other time. It's different, being the assisstant, who only helped and watched compared to the one who make the cuts and incision. Yeah, we wore the same blue gown, but the feelings and satisfaction are totally different..

okaylah..got some work to do...

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