06 November 2005

my Adik..a man.

looking at my adik bungsu. Hard to believe it smtmes, how grown up he is rite now, when i can still remember the first sight of him sleeping soundly in the baby cot 12 yrs ago. I was 11 yrs old then,the excited and curious sister peering inside the baby trolley in hospital, at my new family member ..( and the last one..). And still remember my worriedness, as he had slightly 'blue' chin..due to some strangulation in the womb..( according to my mother's word "berbelit tali pusat" ). Gladly the 'bluish colour' slowly fade away, and wasn't permanent..eheh, we made fun about it to him smtmes..jokingly said that he was born with a blue chin..=p.

And now..'voila'..the cute boy of ours..has now transformed into this handsome boy..( ..yeah2, i have to admit this one fact, and if he heard me saying this, he would beamed like red apple!), who from day to day becoming taller and 'hairy-ier'. ehhe..giving us another point to tease him about, saying stuffs like.." tengok misai dia..wuyyo..naik misai dh.." or.." ..ehh adik, dah bermisai jambang la skarang nih...". Ahah..he would then smugly smile, like he is proud of his 'misai', proving his maleness. And speaking of it, perhaps we should stop addressing and calling him by this 'adik' nickname, realising that now he is no longer the little boy in the family.

but ..it is not the physical changes that triggers me to write about him. The other day, our Internet connection broke down, and me..the ever-blurr about IT thingy, more else fixing machines or stuffs like computer, was struggling in a failing attempt, trying to find a cause of it..or better said, pretending to fix it. And along came Adik, offering his help. As i sat behind and watched him seriously checking here and there, i noticed a well-known male trait in my little brother, 'the fixer' who finds satisfaction in repairing things. Remembering my other brother, Abe who enjoyed fixing broken radio when he was a kid and also one of my father's hobby and speciality. The 'problem -solver', who will not give up, until he did all he could to make things better. The 'Martian', whe needs no advice or help from woman, unless he seeks and asks for it. Hehe..and i was restraining myself at that moment, to avoid my mouth from saying anything, and simply watched, until he gave up by himself. At that time, i know, that the apple of the family's eye..is no longer the baby, but is now a growing boy, slowly becoming a man.

Yeah..i know im gonna miss my once 'manja' Adik, but.. deep down, im proud of the man my Adik is becoming. No longer the 'little one', but a boy who helps around the house, who joins his big brother staying up late to watch a live football match,and the boy who's becoming more matured in his words and behaviour. Noticing his 'jubah' which is now short, hanging below knee level as he prayed next to my father during 'tarawikh', indicating his growth. Looking at his 'growing' moustache, silently amused at him blushing when teased about a particular girl, or when he admitted that he likes looking at one girl in the TV..( haha..). Knowing that in the next few years.. ( or maybe months..), he'll be walking beside me, looking more like a big brother rather than my Adik..( and by that time, ill have another 'bodyguard' when i go out..ehhe ). Can't wait.

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