23 November 2005

a 'cinderella' story

What a week. And what a day.

Talk about experiencing how Cinderella feels when the ‘glass slipper’ slipped off. Unfortunately, it was not a glass slipper, nor a prince charming who happens to caught it and bring it back to me, galloping on a horse. Huh..and must it happened twice? On the same day..arrghh…

It was my new sandal. Correction, not really new, but I seldom wear it. Why? Because it is high heeled, and i have problems with high heels because I walk fast. Terribly fast, especially when im at clinic that smtmes I just pass through ppl, like wind ( and not the breezy-type of wind). You are supposed to ‘glide’ when u are wearing heels, (a word I got from ‘ Miss Congeniality’ )..not rushing here and there. And ‘gliding’ is a skill I haven’t yet master.

But still, Im a woman. And realizing my woman-ity, who are born to love and wear heels, I have to practise. Practise wearing heels. So, there I was, wobbly balancing myself, carefully taking each steps, keep chanting in my head that I look like a princess. Yeah..some princess I was.

It was yesterday, as I went to class wearing my precious tiny sandals. After some horrendous attempt, finally im quite able to walk gingerly in it( but not yet able to ‘glide’). But who would have expect, after I can walk successfully without tripping or tumbling, it ‘embarrased’ me. As I climbed the stairs, one of it slipped off, causing me to walk bare-footed for a few seconds. And a few steps. I quickly turned, and ..oh.My.God...i came face-to-face with a Chinese boy who was standing right behind me, witnessing the whole event, grinning amusedly at me. And to make matters worse, we know each other, as we are under the same faculty. I managed to return the smile, sheepishly to be exact, and panickingly fumbling to turn the ‘stupid’ sandal, which lying lifelessly backward at that time. Ohh…

And not like that was enough. Later during the day, it happened again. At the same stairs. ( what is wrong with that tangga, is there a curse or sthg..=/). But now, it occured in front of my group of friends, who burst out laughing. Great. A perfect way to end the day. But, as I think about it now...yeah, it was quite hilarious.

So..looks like that sandals are going back in the shelves. Yup..need more practise , I know. Perhaps, have to remind myself to slow down a bit when I walk in it, as it sure don’t look good when u are wearing delicate sandals and walking like u are on marathon. Nahh..not good at all.

Hehe..it reminds me of a scenario that occurred 8 years ago, when I was in form 4 ..ke form 3....
Me : ( walking fast across the ‘dataran perhimpunan’, baru abis kelas )
B : oit…naz, tunggulah..lajunya jalan….( trying to catch up with me )
Me : (glaring at him )..suka hati orglah..(
the commonest answer during teenage years..)
B :..amboii..engko jalan laju mcm ni, nanti tertinggal pengantin lelaki ..
Me: ( smiling, slightly amused at his statement..“ sapa suruh pengantin lelaki jalan lambat!” .. ;] )


imah said...

this is sooo u- haha

justme said...

gee..thanks..=[( cehh...).