18 November 2005

a missed wedding..

i never do this before.., but suddenly, im thinking of doing sthg different ( ermm, since tak pergi wedding mrk walau dijemput dgn baik sekali,..bolehh ke..? =]) ..kinda like that small wedding speech from a friend to a friend, the thing they do during ppl's wedding reception we see in the movies..haha. Telling a little bit about the happy, beautiful newly-wed couple. But since i only got the chance to befriend the bridegroom, i can only talk about the lad...but knowing him, i know, the bride is as wonderful, kind ppl as he is. ;]

so..i first met him, 10 yrs ago, i was the 'selebet' form 1 student, and he is the Form 3 prefect. Pertama kali berckp berdepan, masa beli burger dr gerai kelas dia, hari keluarga rsnya ms tu, and he was the one on duty. I lingered at his gerai, eyeing the burger ...( not eyeing sthg else..ok..eheh), and my father asked .." kak, nak burger ke..?". I remember, expression muka dia nih masa tuh..wuihh, serious betul, he didn't even laugh at some jokes my father made..( cehh..). But we bought the burger anyway. And that's it. Only God knows..that i would have more encounters with him in the future.

And later, during my form 2 year, i ventured my first attempt in debate. Actually..i dont really like to talk about this, because i didn't do anything proud enuff to be told..but the point is, he was among the debate team members, the seniors, or better said..the mentors. So...during practise and 'sesi debat persahabatan' with other schools, i get to know him more as i tagged along with the seniors. Slowly..we 'kikis' rs segan, kekok and tak biasa, and put our head together as one team. With them, i learnt many things, not only about debate stuffs, but also about making friends, and accepting differences as there were a mix of personalities in our team. But.. to make a long story short, i had a wonderful time, and all these ppl, play some small role during my learning life.

And, years passed..life goes on..who knows, we bumped in Friendster, and became friends again. ( i alwys consider him a friend, what i mean is 'connecting friend' ). Share views, give opinions, and motivate each other. Grateful to know and befriend a guy like him, someone who is a real friend, nothing more, nothing less. ( u know, because smtmes, it's hard to create clear-cut friendship with the different gender, ..). But, with him, i know, i have nothing to worry about. I even discussed and seek his opinion about some guy problems, which i guess..guy know better about guy..ehh? =]

well..it's getting long, and i better cut my speech short. To the both lovely couple, im sorry for not being able to 'meramaikan' and 'memeriahkan' ur wedding day, but my best wishes and prayers will alwys be send along the way. May the future filled with lots of happiness, love,and successes. May all obstacles faced with patience and endurance, knowing that together, u can face anything. May Allah bless both of you...dunia akhirat.

fuuh...my first wedding speech. Sorrylah..'cokia' sana sini, not used to doing this.
before i end, here's sthg..a piece of words i kept in a box where i keep nice quotes and meaningful words ..

to my friends who are....MARRIED..

Love is not about " it's your fault", but "Im sorry"
not "where are you?", but "Im right here"
not " how could you ?", but "I understand"
not " i wish you were", but " Im thankful you are"..

congratulations..mizy & kak ida!!!!=D


tm nut said...


http://www.low-fidelity.com/awesomeforces/gallery/miziida/ for few outdoor pics, yg dkt kb ngan dalam dewan putrajaya punya tak siap lagi

justme said...

..nice pics..=]