23 October 2005

boasting ppl..bleahh..

Hmm..do u have a friend, or know someone, who happens to enjoy ‘ boasting’ very much. Kata org Melayu ‘ suka berlagak atau cakap besar’. Example of ‘ayat berlagak’ in dental school..

“ .. aku dh pernah cabut 100 gigi dulu, jadi takde mslh sgtlah sekarang..”( making a serious, ‘professional’ look..)
“..fuuh..aku buat 5 tampalan tadi, ..5 tampalan..”( while grinning smugly..)

As I look at his face, boasting proudly, ( and to make it worse, he kept repeating his ‘self-acclaimed victory’ several times,..like saying.. “dh cabut 100 btg gigi” for umphteen times, in case I missed hearing it, ..), I couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for him. Is he that pitiful, that he desperately seek people to throw a pom-pom dance over his work, or he just find it as a great boost to his ego, that he can see other ppl’s amazed or awed faces listening to his boastful sentences.

My mind was thinking, what did he expect me to react listening to his ‘confession of achievements’. Am i supposed to open my eyes wide, clapped hand over my mouth and gasped, “ ooh…my God, U are our hero, our most eligible dentist, when can we be like u, so fast and efficient at work..we should die of embarrassment.”. Or should I just look as uninterested as possible, and respond nonchalantly “..oh really, like I care.” . As if I’ll ever say worshipping words to ‘kipas his ego’ more than he needs it, neither would I be that cruel to say sthg like the latter. Instead, I just smiled half-heartedly and said “hmm.. good for u…”, and quickly walk away, still thinking, can anyone be anymore boastful than that?

But seriously..he did not win anything by being ‘berlagak’ and I have this sudden urge to ‘wake’ him up from his self-indulged being, ( suddenly im picturing myself, knocking hard on his head to awake him ) that he really should stop boasting around. He’s losing friends, ppl hates him because of this, everytime he comes around ppl, they runs away, and it surely does not make him look any better. And I think im among the person left that still able to fake a ‘friendly’ face everytime he goes around telling about his ‘magnificent’ performance.

Not that im saying me or some ppl are jealous of him, or other high-achievers, we are not losers ourselves.( esp looking at his attitude that need lots of make-over, to invite more friends coming ). But, there’s a big, huge different between being successfully competent in work and letting others acknowledge it, rather than u going around making sure other ppl know about ur wonderfully, great success. Ever heard of the Malay adage,’ Diam-diam ubi berisi’, rather than ‘riuh2 sana-sini buat org benci’. ( yg ni direka sendiri..ehhe ). I praised friends and ppl all the time, who did good job and truly deserves it, esp the kind who likes to keep it to themselves, not showing-off their trophies hungered for applause. A pat on the shoulder and joyous thumbs-ub, will surely make ppl happy and motivate them to do better in the future, but..let the praises and words of ‘well done’ come sincerely from others mouth, rather than being ‘forced ‘ out to ‘jaga hati’ some ‘berlagak’ ppl.

And seriously, to guys, ..( ermm since im a girl..ehhe ), u are not impressing any woman by doing that. Eventhough u are extremely good in sthg, but once u start boasting about it, and keep focusing on u as the centre of conversation everytime u talked, ermm..i don’t see that as anyway near ‘noble’ or ‘attractive’. And we wonder why Superman, Batman, or any heroic-man prefer to shy away from public and remain as low-profile as possible, because that what makes them ‘man-ly’ to women, and making woman cry out their name for help. Make sense ehh..ehhe. Heroism is not defined by what comes out from ur mouth, but by ur action, that is seen and appreciated by others. So...guys, start finding a name, any whatsoever-man..anything other than Cicakman or Keluangman,.

But after saying all these, Im beginning to feel more sorry for him. Perhaps he doesn’t realised that his behaviour is utterly irritating to ppl. Hopefully he realizes it soon, or should I be the one to tell him, for his own sake,..before he keeps shooing ppl away and ended up alone. Ermm..i’d rather stay out of the way..or maybe I could hint it to him subtly..oh, never mind, stay out of ppl’s life, naz!

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imah said...

do the pom-pom dance! :P