05 October 2005

simply irresistable..

Yesterday, after extraction class, me and aida hurried to 'Wad Bersalin HKL' to have a peek at Leen's first child. Went through some searching and asking around, and pausing for a couple of minutes at the nearest 'kedai runcit'..thinking of what to buy for a new mother. Finally, after wasting some time bickering with aida, of what we should bring along..as expected, we went without buying anything..after deciding that we should give some 'serious thought and discussion', to prevent us end up buying something totally useless..( as aida wanted to buy chocolate, and me voted for some 'keropok'..not like Leen or her baby will benefit either ways with that kind of gifts..).

so..after tip-toeing cautiously ( as we didnt wish to wake any babies up, or disturb any tired-looking mothers ), finally we arrived, Ward 4B. From the door window, we saw Leen and bursted through the door, couldn't restrain our excitement, totally forgotten that we were standing in a room of antenatal mothers. There, stood our friend, the proud new mother of her first child, a baby girl..FASHA ANDRIYANA. ( I hope i spelled it correctly ). Oohh..the cuddly, cute little baby, luckily the baby was not asleep, we spent quite some time gazing at such an amazing creation, such a beautiful baby. We didn't dare to hold her, as both of us are just out from clinic, not wanting to smear any microbs or dirtiness on a pure baby like her. So, we just sat there, looking at Leen holding her baby, with a mixture of feelings inside me.

i dont know why, but the feeling of watching Leen holding her baby, and addressing herself as ' ibu' to her child..aroused an indescribable feeling in me. Happy and excited, sikit tak sangka, a bit touched as i found my eyes glistening with tears, ( and dont ask me why, im alwys like that..),..and longing. Thinking how it would be, sitting there, cuddling ur baby. Ur own child. It feels different, when it's ur friend the one celebrating her first baby, maybe because she is just like you, yet not like u at all. Ermm..okay, what im trying to say is that, she's my age, she's my friend whom i hang out with, watch tv and spent time together, yet..look at her now..she's so far different, she's a mother. Hmm..well, i dwell on this too much, i guess...nvmd...

Whatever it is, as i walked back to campus, i couldn't shake away 'that' feeling inside me. In the same time, the look of 'Leen Junior' still remains in my head.

" Nanti ya..tunggu Fasha besar sikit, nanti Auntie Naz beli bnyk present..."( sheesh..auntie naz tuh..) . Hmm..it must wonderful, to have someone call u ' ibu'. And that would be the ultimate moment in life.


nuzray said...

hai naz..azni nih!ur longlost fren back at smapl;if u stil remember me lah! hehe luv ur rants much..:)

imah said...

ape lagi kak? beranak la! :P

justme said...

hai aznni..! of course lah ingat, mana leh lupa kwn2 lama..;]..u take care yaa..

n imah..now that's direct..ehhe, nway, jauh perjlnan lagi, lainlah kalau kakak..tak gitu?! huhu..selamat berpuasa imah!!!!