01 October 2005

acne story

When u seldomly get pimples on the face.. once u do, suddenly it becomes the centre of attention. Especially when the zits that appear are about the size of Mount Pinatubo, and like pre-planned, they erupted at about the same location and time, perfectly on both cheeks…( sigh ). People out of nowhere approached u, with concerned faces and worried looks..some asks tactfully, while some other prefer the blunt way..

“ …ehh..kenapa tu naz,, what’s wrong..?” ( siap point dgn jari lagi..=/ )
“..issks..is it because of ur allergic tuh..” ( nope.it’s not..)
wahh..besar jerawat..fikir apa sampai mcm tu sekali..” ( ohh..fikir nak kahwin, tu pasal dia besar mcm ni..=] )

Both got the same response, a super sweet smile and an answer…” ini jerawat stress, biasalah sekali sekala..”. =] . Funny how small things like acne-on-the-face evoked such questions in ppl’s minds…ehhe, I don’t really mind actually, just don’t stare too much at it, it might be contagious ;p. And also, I appreciate it very much if ppl could just pretend it’s not there, ...ahh, perhaps the next time ppl throw questions about the ‘thing’ on my face..i would say ..

“ ..haa..what, ? I don’t see anything on my face…...”=]
“… Ohh this thing..hey, don’t u know, it’s the trend nowadays, ppl pay to have this on their face, do u want one? Have mine, free of charge…” =]
“..what ? this thing ?..it’s because im in love, that’s why..u know ppl when they are in love, they day-dream a lot,..a result of too much berangan, what can i say....haha..” =]..

ehhe..suddenly, all this crazy-nonsense thing about pimples seems a bit funny to me,... don’t u think its funny..hahha..

get back to work.


imah said...

u have to ask the pro in pimple business.. me!

justme said...

eheh....wait till ayah sees my face, he'll freak out! =O