30 October 2005

you are on the air !

As i was listening to the deejay chattering lively with callers, I couldn’t help but imagine how it is to be a deejay. U know..entertain strangers woes and stories, and not all of them are interesting. Sitting in the ‘konti’ for hours, talking endlessly. Have they ever experienced going blank or 'lost' of what to say, or just keep repeating the same sentences over and over, until listeners got bored and switched to another station, and they got kicked out for causing low ratings..ehhe. Now that’s a wild, 'melampau' imagination...ehhe.

I remembered once, I did thought of trying my skill of dee-jaying, (okaylah..rosakkan bhs plak) to becoming a deejay. No, I didn’t go for any audition, just picturing myself, and gotten quite absorbed with it. I told my sisters, but their reply was really ‘inspiring’ …“ kak nak jadi deejay?..hmmph..alamatnya takde org dgrlah radio kak tuh..”. Cehh…

But, the more I think about it, the more fun it seems. U talk without being seen. Listen to musics, and converse with ppl u don’t know. Even better, u can cut the line when u got bored listening to them rattling nonstop about trying to fix the washing machine and pretend not guilty by saying ..“ ops,,talian terputus nampaknya..”. Hhehe..(making a devilish grin ). And u could share ur views and points with ppl, u could even help them solve their problems. Smtmes, ppl don’t need solutions, they just want to talk to someone to lessen the burden inside. In that sense, u are actually contributing some teeny help that might not really gonna be remembered or considered as big, but at least ur existence in this world make it a better place to someone. Someone might find ur bland rantings funny and interesting, that could brighten their day and create smile on their faces. Some other might benefit from ur simple talk about life, and help them in some way or another. Who knows, ur not-so-glamourous job, ( other than rAdio ERA deejays ) where u r hidden from the public, is how u can actually be a good citizen, doing ur part in the society. Yes, small it may seem, but i found myself many times, moved and touched while listening to some of the words by the deejays. ( and maybe that's how i started 'berangan' to be a deejay..ehhe)

When the caller trust u enough to share their deepest secret, without even knowing u. When they let our their anguish and sadness of losing their loved ones by crying in the phone, telling it to u. When u are given the priviledge to talk about almost anything on air, that will be heard by the entire nation. To entertain the people with songs and cheerful notes, inspire them with words, challenge their minds through discussions and offer them solace and help when needed. Hmm.. i believe this is a noble job, if we choose to make it that way. Not everyone is lucky enough to be given the chance to have their voice loved, waited and anticipated each day by the radio. Wahh..being a radio deejay is becoming more 'inviting' to my eyes now..

and speaking of it, what comercial name should i use,..erm, now this is the toughest and most crucial part..heheh. Should i use 'justme' ? emm..no, too boring. What about 'naz'..? ermm..to simple and ordinary. OR.."justnaz' ? No..too complicated to pronounce,, and sounded stupid as well.

ok..enuff of berangan. Think about the name if it's really gonna to happen, ok naz. It'll save ur time and reduced the wrinkles on ur forehead for thinking too much about this, which is quite unlikely to ever happen.


tm nut said...

sure bukak lagu take me to your heart 5 kali sehari nanti nih :P

justme said...

ehhe..looks like u know me quite well dh nih.sekarang dh ada lagu lain plak,..changes with mood and time..and age, i guess..

imah said...

uuh- kak as a dee jay?? ermm.. make sure iklan2 kat raio tu (esp era) tak buduh sangt (dan tak banyak )!!