24 October 2005

it's the tagging thing again!

.." tag me more, tag me more..'cos i like doing this.."- ( sing it like Danny Zucko( john Travolta ) and Olivia-Newton John in Grease )..ehhe..=D..

im tagged by ghoyye =]. Ready..scroll on..

seven things u plan to do before u die
- be a loving wife and mother ( grow old with my hubby, and watch my kids grow )
- pilgrimmage to Mecca with husband, ayah and mama
- go to Japan and converse fluently in Japanese with the locals.
- be a good dentist and have my own clinic
- publish some of my writings
- open a nursery/kindergarten atau, paling2 tak, kelas mengaji Quran.
- be the best Mukminah and human being as a whole.

seven things i cannot do
- read in a moving car, or any transport - nanti pening!
- naik suara to my parents.
- eat any live insects or gross, smelly foods like in Fear Factor - im willing to participate, under one condition, no eating or drinking yucky-slimy stuffs.
- lie. im a teribble liar - it's either i feel guilty or i can't keep a straight face while doing it.
- read book ( esp educational book ) for straight 5 hours nonstop.( it's either i fall asleep or i got bored and do sthg else )
- snap or yell to the person im angry at infront of their face.( wpun dh practise dpn cermin beforehand, i still cant )
- pretend to be reckless atau tak kisah about something, or trying to be tak bertanggungjwb about a task - i cant, ill relapse to my old self in no time.

seven things i can do
- makan sgt bnyk at one time ( seriously i can, and worry about the weight gain later )
- soberly cry or be excitedly happy for sthg not closely related to me, like crying when reading berita kematian family org dlm paper atau be over-ly gembira sampai jd sebak tak psl2 bila observe a happy, loving couple kahwin (duuhh..naz )
- sleep while sitting straight on the chair ( and smtmes org kat blkg tak realise pun tgh tido )
- write poems, that's dug deep from my heart..(..ehhe..)
- make fun of myself, or laugh at my own silliness.
- going from one place to another on foot, and public transport all day long...even on my own.( tp it's more fun to do this with someone 'sekepala' with me )
- listen to the same one song, over and over again for days. ( ms tgh suka sgt lagu tuh )

seven celebrity crushes
- Colin Firth, in "Bridget Jones Diary 2"..( sigh )
- Jet Li, in most of his movies,esp in the movie where he becomes the bodyguard to a rich lady.
- Jang Dong Gun, in all his movies...( to anybody who has no idea who he is, ( esp kakak ), he's one of the top Korean actor.
- Jonathan Brandis, in " Sidekick " ( ms nih, i was still in primary school, isk2..)
- Tony Leung Chiu Wai, in " Infernal Affairs ", and maybe all other movies of him as well..ehhe.
- John Travolta..( esp to his voice..)
- Yutaka Takenouchi..

seven often repeated words
- ehh..ye ke?
- Mana ade -lah..!
- ..comel la plak ( name of person ) buat cemtu..
- jiayou/fighting/gambaro!!
- aaaa...macam mana nih..
- betullah macam org/naz ckp...
- cehh..

seven things that attract me to the opposite sex
- 'Matured and calm' in attitude.
- The type that 'buat keje sendiri and tak ambil pusing org sekeliling' (seriously into his work)
- have his own mind, yet respects other's opinions..
- Confidently positive.
- able to communicate with me. (talk,argue,listen, understand ) plus fun to talk to ! And can talk about anything..eveything..
- quite religious, maksudnya bolehlah jadi imam sembahyang.
- emm..*****.

seven tags to go to ( im tagging my ex-schoolmates =] . Buat, jgn tak buat ! )
- farr
- pa'e
- esteena
- suhail
- kaydee
- teh azreen
- huda azni aka nuzray

..now, that's some revelation..okla, penatlah! bye!


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