25 February 2005

a bad sailor

im not good a friend.
never really good in friendship..=/

or is it im refraining myself from being too close to anyone..? Be it a female friend, more else a male friend..i find it hard to really give myself and allow friendship to sail smoothly on its own..i always tend to pad the wave so that it will land me safely ..scared ill be drifted somewhere unfamiliar, or ive chosen a wrong sailor to sail along in this 'ship of friends'...

ive got to learn to let loose myself a bit, rather than thinking too much over things, scared unnecessarily .. that usually resulted with me..back to the same spot ive been for the last 22 yrs. Let go of fear, and enjoy life ..cos life is short.
Beat the 'fear of the unknown' and face the risks upon me boldly.

Sheesh..saying is always easier...=/

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