02 February 2005

only 5 minutes

repeatedly saying to myself, .." okay justme, ONLY 5 minutes..".. Have a tendency to plan for 5-10 minutes of writing in here and end up half and hour.

Today started well, alhamdulillah, early at 8 am, i had an ortho presentation where im among the presenters. Alhamdulillah, it went quite well, and secretly im kinda happy when Dr Alizae recognised me, calling out my full name ( it's kind of hard for lecturers to remember their students names, and if they do, it's enough to make the students' day!). We used babies pictures as the animation and backgrounds of the slaids..( u can never go wrong with childrens..thanks to Robiah and Raja for preparing it..). .all over, it was fun!=D

but later in the evening, im going to face a serious trouble, as again, i have no patients for paediatric clinic. Me and my partner, both of us, will be doomed when we walk in the clinic with no patients along with us. A word of encouragement...."..And this too..shall pass.." .Yeah rite, im very much comforted now..thank you.

Last weekend, there's a seminar held about the future plan after undergraduate for dental students. It was a marvellous experience, getting a chance to listen to 3 different version of stories, from a specialist in Ministry of Health, from Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, a spokeperson from private clinic and also from a doctor joining the academic staffs. Good for early thinking and planning. Well, justme, better start looking ahead, picture yourself in the next 2-3 years . When the dream of pursuing my postgrad study abroad is still burning...

okaylah..need to prepare my treatment plan for Naqib, my ortho patient and find a way to get a 'bidan terjun' paeds patient. If only miracles do happens.." ..oo..please, let any child appear from thin air, and be my patient for this evening..".


justme said...

who says miracles only happens in movies..?!..alhamdulillah, i did not expect it... but exactly at 1.15 pm , 45 minutes before paeds clinic, i got myself a patient..!!!! A cute 8 year old boy named Aiman..=].( his mother called and agreed to come..) Thank you Allah, for granting my wishes..Well, Aiman ..looking forward very much for our next 'date'..see yaa.!( a very brave young boy he is, i extracted one of his teeth, and he was very cooperative throughout the procedure..and that's how a boy should behave..rite?)

tm nut said...

heh, just like my 9-years-old youngest bro's name..though unsure he can behave the same way your hero does when dating a dentist;)