08 February 2005

keeping love alive

hi..it's me again, of courselah..who else rite? =p..

haa..today, i wanna share another piece of writings ive read in readest digest some time ago,..( i copied it down in my writing journal..very valuable knowledge for future reference..hehe). I really hope that among my blog readers are someone's wifes or husbands, as they will benefit more on this. Apa2pun..insyAllah, one day, we will play that role jugak in the future,so everyone might as well read this ,and bear it in mind. Kalau rs mcm akan lupa..sila lah buat mcm saya, copy it down..heheh =p so..here it is..

SEVEN WAYS TO KEEP THE LOVE ALIVE ;] ( taken from readest digest)

1. remember that to love someone is to wish them the best; always wish the best for each other.- loving someone doesn't only mean showering her/him with mushy romantic words and gifts, or whatever other things loving couples do, but also to lift their spirit up when their down , help each other to achieve their dreams ..and pray for one another.
2. dont forget that you are IN LOVE. Kiss her in lifts, hold her hand at the movies. Tell her she's beautiful. Tell her again. - ermm..for muslims, this refers to the married couples ya.=] . The problem with malaysian ppl is that we dont express love often enough, more else in public..or..maybe only in the first few months of marriage, after 10 yrs together, mulalah seorg berjln depan seorg berjln blkg. Come one, we can be the first to make the difference, aiyaa..ur husband or wife is legally yours!..
3.Dont speak ill of her family or friends, even the ones you dont like.- this is important but usually forgotten. There's a saying that says.." bila kita berkahwin dgn seseorg tu, kita berkahwin sekali dgn keluarga dia.." Once u stepped into this new big family of ur spouse, learn to be humble and tolerant, and respect them the way u do to ur own family members.
4. Listen to each other. When you're wrong, say you're sorry. When you're right, hush up.- well, i know it's not easy for the men to say 'sorry', but smtmes a simple sentence like' im sorry', would leave such a meaningful impact for the women. And to the ever-talkative women, when your point is proven right while debating over an issue, dont put a smug face and says " i told u so". Just shut up!
5. Never embarass or correct one another in public; try not to in private either.- ermm...learn the art of criticizing..( well, surely not like the way Simon Cowell commenting in AmericanIDol ). It's a real no-no in public , but in private when there's only the two of you, start with praises and compliments, and slowly touch the subject. Well, we dont really have to do it thru words or verbally..try to think of a way to show it thru actions..( as some ppl says words cut deeper wounds ). Whatever it is, no sarcasm, jgn perli2 atau sindir2..and dont act 'mcm kita aje yg betul'.
6. Dont yell unless the house is on fire; whispers while arguing.- haa..this is , too, important. I dont know how actually a husbands-and -wifes arguments, as i never really see it between my parents, but judging from what showing in tvs',it can be quite bad. Ermm..fire can never be faced with fire. So if the husband is burning in the flame of anger, the wife has to act as the water, and the same goes when the wife is the one bursting with frustrations ( esp during those few days in each months..nasib baiklah kuasa cerai bukan kat tgn prpmn!). Find an appropriate time when both parties are more relaxed and ready to discuss it rationally.Dont shout or throw things to the wall..malu lah kat anak2 =/
7. On the days you dont like each other, remember that you love each other.=] - heheh, i really like this one. Yup, this is definitely true. As human, with unpredictable emotions at certain phase in our lifes, there will be times when just a sight of ur spouse will make u feel annoyed or u become irritated over small things that smtmes has nothing to do with him/her. At this moments, try to keep a certain distance, as 'absence may make the heart grew fonder'..( but not too far a distance until he or she feel neglected!). Give each other space , respect his/her need to be alone and let her/him know ull be there once needed. Bear in mind, this is the person ive chosed to spend the rest of my life with, to grow old together..and i really love him/her..at all times.

well..may ur relationships and marriage grow stronger with each passing year. And pray for me too ya..=]

" we come to love not by knowing a perfect person, but by learning an imperfect person perfectly.."- Shakespeare

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