21 February 2005

infidelity among women..?

today's topic discussion in radio ERA this morning. As i was getting dressed for class, i found myself listening words by words the conversation spoken by the deejays and the callers. MY..my..my....

frankly, i had to admit, stunned and shocked by certain revelations from the callers. But their bravery to opening up their stories for the benefits of others deserved a respect, if it's not because of them, i wouldnt have known the reality of todays world...( and i think im not the only one..). One of them, said that she just couldnt live with only one guy in his life..( huh?) and was cheating behind her husband since 8 yrs ago. Some of them claimed that they do all these ( having affairs with other men ) as a way to pay back, revenge or whatever it is called ..because their husband are also philandering behind their back. A few also said that, majority of the infidelity cases that involves women occurs in KL..( why every bad things must be blamed on KL? Pity my KL...=/).

One of the guy who called, blamed the technology nowadays, with the Internet chatting, SMSing day and night..all these resulted with women having more access to the men out there..and finaly he admitted, those were the reasons for the breaking up of his marriage( sorry for him)...But seriously, aren't women known for their loyalty..? Cherishing and loving their husband with all their heart..? Aren't women known for all that good qualities?..

i cant express much about this, as i never really been in a serious relationship with any guy, (more else married! )..but, if this is the trend in today's world, our morality and ethics values need to be viewed all over again. Tinggi pelajaran, bergaji besar, tapi fundamental thing as human macam 'menjaga diri dan maruah ' tak ada, pada aku tiada nilainya perempuan tu. MAaflah bunyi kasar, tapi kadang2 kita kena berkasar utk sesetgh benda.

dalam hal ni, bukan perempuan shj should be blamed, as some of them stated above," kalau bukan suami mereka curang, mereka takkan buat begitu". Yeah..i have to say, some guys are just not worth our loyalty. But listen to this piece of advice from me, for that kind of husband, yg nak kita junjung dan hormat dia sbg lelaki dan suami, tapi dia sendiri gagal menjadi lelaki yg selayaknya dihormati..jgn rendahkan diri kita dan cemarkan maruah kita membalas perlakuan mereka dengan berlaku curang jugak, kita jauh lebih baik dr itu. Daripada dpt dosa kering dan dipandang hina org, kita tak menang apa2 pun..there are other brilliant ways to treat men like that.

fuuh..tiba2 terasa hangat plak bilik beraircond nih..=]. Emosi plak ckp psl nih.Whatever it is, ..pegangan agama itu lah tunjangnya. Hebat mana pun kita, atau miskin kedana ..kalau kita ni sentiasa ingat Tuhan, ingat amanah sebagai suami dan isteri, sedar hakikat kewujudan kita kat dunia nih..insyaAllah, takkan jauh kita kesasar. Seperti pendapat seorg pemanggil pg td, "..perkara2 mcm ni berlaku sekarang, kerana institusi kekeluargaan kita dh rosak dan goyah, ramai yg takde bekalan agama yg cukup.."

work to make your marriage works. Work to be a good spouse and partner . And most of all..pesan mak .." kalau kita inginkan org yg baik, kita kena jadi org yg baik dulu.."

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